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Hard Money Lending & Private Mortgage Lending- How it Works

Private Hard Money Lending explained. The first in a series of short videos about hard money investing, borrowing and brokering from Trent ...

Hard-money mortgage lender raises $10M in public offering

The company's stock was trading slightly below $5 per share shortly before noon on Monday.

Sachem originates, underwrites, funds, services and manages loans secured by mortgage liens on non-owner-occupied residential or commercial real estate. These loans are exempt from federal ability-to-repay requirements that owner-occupied, single-family loans are subject to.

Borrowers include real estate investors and developers who use the loans to fund the acquisition, renovation or development of properties. The company's primary underwriting guideline is its loan-to-value ratio.

Sachem's maximum LTV is 70%, according to an investor presentation from late 2018. Residential mortgages comprised an estimated two-thirds of its lending in the past year.

Loan sizes range from $6,000 to $2 million, with the maximum amount not to exceed 10% of a borrower's portfolio. Fixed interest rates range from a discount rate of 5% to 12.5%, with a default rate of 18%. Interest is due monthly with principal payable at maturity. The company does not change prepayment penalties.

The best hard money lenders are invested in their investors

It wasn’t so long ago that hard money lenders operated on the fringes of mortgage lending. Today, hard money lending is very much mainstream, at least for investors. Although these loans are still a small portion of overall originations, the best hard money lenders in the industry have moved from the shadows into the light using a combination of education and coaching for their borrowers.

Toby Potter is the president and CEO of Global Integrity Finance, a direct hard money lender for real estate investment properties such as fix and flips, ground up construction projects, or multifamily and mixed use rehab buy and holds.

Given the popularity of real estate investment projects and fix and flips in particular over the past seven or so years, Potter said that they see a lot of clients who have jumped onto that bandwagon with both feet and are trying to play in a space with other investors who are a lot more experienced. In a landscape with not as much viable inventory, these new investors are taking on properties that are less than ideal and operating with profit margins that are much thinner than a more seasoned investor would accept.

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