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Home Capital Is a Minor Meltdown That's Left a Major Mark on Canada

Shares this week. They’re still trading at less than half the level of a month ago, and plunged again at the market’s opening on Friday after company management said on a conference call that there’s no immediate prospect of additional asset sales.

Canada’s wider financial markets have been lackluster rather than dismal. The loonie is down 1.9 percent this year, the most among 16 major currencies tracked by Bloomberg. The main stock gauge has underperformed other developed countries, but it’s still up 1.7 percent.

So investors aren’t exactly flashing warning signals. Still, they’re finding more things to worry about than was the case a month ago.

When the U.S. housing bubble collapsed, it triggered first a financial crisis and then a recession. In the event of a replay north of the border, Canada might avoid the first pitfall, if its banks are as sound as everyone says. That doesn’t mean its economy won’t get hurt in the fallout.

When refinancing a home mortgage, is it usually best to go through a lender's national center or locally?

I am interested in refinancing my home mortgage. My mortgage lender has a number of local mortgage offices as well as a national call center through which I could proceed with the refinancing.

I would simply call the national number. If they have a program for some sort of streamline refinance that would be the best way to go.

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