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Union Home Mortgage adds Ohio-based home lenders as partners

"The culture NOIC/Concord has successfully cultivated over the years is extremely valuable to the mutual growth of all partners as we begin to work together,” Union Home CEO Bill Cosgrove said. “As UHM's brand expands across the country, NOIC/Concord will strengthen our top-notch service to referral partners and homeowners in the Midwest. The future is bright."

NOIC President Mark Vinciguerra said that while the decision for an IMB to grow is a complex one, the key item is partnering with the right culture.

“The culture at UHM was a deciding factor in creating this partnership,” Vinciguerra said. “The right culture is the key to successful planning and transition of our teams and the upcoming success. The future for IMBs is ever-changing; therefore, being an organization that embraces change within its culture will drive us to success for all our customers and partners.”

Cosgrove owns 100% of Union Home. He said he expects more activity in adding partners in the near future.

When refinancing a home mortgage, is it usually best to go through a lender's national center or locally?

I am interested in refinancing my home mortgage. My mortgage lender has a number of local mortgage offices as well as a national call center through which I could proceed with the refinancing.

I would simply call the national number. If they have a program for some sort of streamline refinance that would be the best way to go.