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Congress moves to dismantle key post-crisis bank rules

Eventually, the exempted banks will no longer have to undergo an annual stress test conducted by the Federal Reserve. The test assesses whether a bank has a big enough capital buffer to survive an economic shock and keep on lending. The banks also will be excused from submitting plans called "living wills" that spell out how a bank would sell off assets or be liquidated in the event of failure so it wouldn't create chaos in the financial system.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling, the Texas Republican who heads the House Financial Services Committee, said Main Street banks "have been suffering for years under the weight" of the Dodd-Frank regulations. "Help is on the way," Hensarling declared. "Today is an important day in the history of economic opportunity in America."

Republican lawmakers, with Hensarling at the forefront, have been chafing at Dodd-Frank's restrictions in the eight years since its enactment by President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress, and finally prevailed with Tuesday's vote.

Two Tech Startups to Debut Technology at NEXT Mortgage Conference

ProxyPics, which was founded in 2017, will debut its first-of-its kind on-demand system for getting location-specific media you need, anytime, anywhere, on Friday, June 22, 2018 at 8 a.m. CT. Zipwhip will follow with a presentation at 8:10 a.m. CT. A Seattle-based SaaS company, Zipwhip is modernizing the business texting medium by enabling text messaging to existing landline, VoIP and toll-free phone numbers. Zipwhip pairs direct network connectivity with easy, cloud-based software, so businesses of any size can give customers the choice to “text or call” and handle two-way text conversations at scale.

“ProxyPics provides photos for property inspections much cheaper and about 90 percent faster than lenders and servicers are used to getting them,” said Luke Tomaszewski, CEO of ProxyPics, which uses an Uber-esque business model to farm the job of securing photos to individuals living in working in local communities. “ProxyPics lets lenders and servicers go straight to the source to get photographs within minutes, rather than hours or days. The entire process improves, and benefits not only lenders, servicers and borrowers, but also countless independent workers in local communities.”

What's the best way for me to become a Mortgage Broker in CT?

I have been a Loan Originator for a year now, but I'd like to become a mortgage broker. This way, I can shop around to different lenders to help close more loans.

You can try Countrywide, but honestly...your current position is the safer bet of the two. Mortgage Brokers and getting the short end of the stick lately and banks (like Wichovia) are no longer even dealing with them.