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Avon Resident Elected President of ACMA | Avon

Robinson+Cole Finance Team lawyer Norman H. Roos has been elected president of the American College of Mortgage Attorneys (ACMA) for the 2019-2020 term. Mr. Roos was installed during the ACMA Annual Meeting on September 7, 2019 in Monterey, California. Also in attendance were Robinson+Cole Real Estate + Development Group lawyers Candace M. Cunningham and Amanda S. Eckhoff . Ms. Cunningham was appointed co-chair of the ACMA Title Insurance Committee and Ms. Eckhoff was installed as an ACMA Fellow.

As president, Mr. Roos' responsibilities will include appointing a Nominating Committee to propose Fellows for offices within ACMA and appointing committee chairs and co-chairs. He also will be a member of the Executive Committee and in that capacity will serve on the Board of Regents. In the laddered leadership structure of the ACMA, Mr. Roos will be the Immediate Past President at next year's annual meeting. He has previously served in the roles of secretary, treasurer, and president-elect as well as Connecticut State Chair. Formed in 1974, ACMA's membership consists of nearly 500 lawyers in North America who are recognized leaders in the mortgage law industry. To be considered for membership, a qualified lawyer must be nominated by an ACMA Fellow and meet rigorous criteria.

CT Bank Sued For Discriminatory Mortgage Lending Practices

Last week, the Connecticut Fair Housing Center, Inc.  filed a complaint  against Liberty Bank in Connecticut federal district court alleging that the Bank engaged in discriminatory mortgage lending in violation of the federal Fair Housing Act.  The complaint describes the Bank as “the eighth-largest conventional home purchase lender and eleventh-largest refinancer in Connecticut.”

The complaint alleges that the Bank violated the FHA by engaging in the following conduct:

According to the complaint, the Bank deliberately drew its CRA assessment area so as to exclude and thereby avoid CRA scrutiny of its banking and lending activities in certain towns with racially diverse populations and generates a disproportionately low number of mortgage loans within its assessment area from non-white applicants, making “significantly fewer than expected loans than nearly all its peers in majority-non-white census tracks, even when controlling for underwriting criteria like income and whether the borrower will live in the property.”  The Bank is also alleged to over-concentrate its branches in white census tracts and, compared to its leading competitors, to have an insufficient number of branches in majority-non-white and racially diverse census tracts.  The complaint alleges that to test for redlining, the plaintiff “used a statistical measure called a shortfall.”   This measure “assumes that the number of loans is constant across the region and then estimates what the distribution of loans would be if they were made solely according to the income of loan applicants rather than some other factor like composition of neighborhood or race of the applicant.”  It then “allows a comparison between expected lending patterns and actual lending patterns for a single mortgage lender, and tests whether differences in origination volume are a result of applicant characteristics or variables such as discrimination against a protected class.”

What's the best way for me to become a Mortgage Broker in CT?

I have been a Loan Originator for a year now, but I'd like to become a mortgage broker. This way, I can shop around to different lenders to help close more loans.

You can try Countrywide, but honestly...your current position is the safer bet of the two. Mortgage Brokers and getting the short end of the stick lately and banks (like Wichovia) are no longer even dealing with them.

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