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MacArthur Foundation to lend $15 million to Seaway bank

“This investment will ensure capital and financial services are available to individuals, groups and businesses in Chicago’s African-American communities, providing capital for mortgage loans, commercial loans and financial solutions that help strengthen families, spur economic opportunity and promote equity to neighborhoods that have previously been disenfranchised,” Seaway President Daryl Newell said in an emailed statement.

Seaway is “stronger than ever” since its acquisition by Self-Help, a mission-led lender that focuses on people underserved by conventional lenders, such as women, minorities and low-wealth families, Newell said.

Seaway, founded in 1965 to counter discriminatory lending practices, suffered when people struggled to pay their mortgages during the housing crash, and tried to shore up business with a “bank black” campaign a few months before it was shut down. A report from the FDIC’s inspector general in August said the bank “failed as a result of poor corporate governance and risk management practices by the board and management.

What's the best way for me to become a Mortgage Broker in CT?

I have been a Loan Originator for a year now, but I'd like to become a mortgage broker. This way, I can shop around to different lenders to help close more loans.

You can try Countrywide, but honestly...your current position is the safer bet of the two. Mortgage Brokers and getting the short end of the stick lately and banks (like Wichovia) are no longer even dealing with them.