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loanDepot makes big move into mortgage securitization

Despite the size of the some of the loans in the portfolio, the underlying borrowers display strong credit characteristics and have a “demonstrated ability to save and to manage credit,” Moody’s said.

According to Moody’s, the borrowers in this transaction have high FICO scores and sizeable equity in their properties. The weighted-average primary-borrower FICO score is 772 and the weighted average original combined loan-to-value ratio is 72.4%.

Additionally, all 453 loans are designated as qualified mortgages either under the QM safe harbor or the GSE temporary exemption under the Ability-to-Repay rules.

The WA debt-to-income ratio for the pool is 33.3%, which includes 14 loans out of 453 loans with a DTI greater than 43%. The greatest DTI was 44.8% for a borrower with the most recent FICO of 743 and a CLTV of 56%, Moody’s said.

Due to the high quality of the underlying pool and other factors, Moody’s awarded more than $250 million in AAA ratings to the deal.

Nurse's $3 million in loans raises questions about banks' lending practices

At the same time, Ms Schmidt is caught up in another dispute with WA members' bank, P&N.

P&N has repossessed two of her investment properties and has given her until April to pay her debts or lose her own home in Darlington.

The case is currently before the ombudsman.

From a cottage in WA's wheatbelt, veteran consumer advocate Denise Brailey is taking on the banks on behalf of distraught borrowers like Ms Schmidt.

"The point is the banks have a duty to ensure that they don't approve inappropriate loans," Ms Brailey said.

"From the income she had, they were using projected rentals to suggest she may afford it, but there were huge risks which were not explained to her at that time and should have been."

She is trying to negotiate with the banks to help Ms Schmidt keep her home.

"I think the solution is to try and get the banks involved to have a look at a process that might see her keep her home," Ms Brailey said.

P&N, which refinanced three of Ms Schmidt's Westpac loans in 2015, said it was committed to the principles of responsible lending.

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