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Congress's Assault on Charities

NEWTON, Mass. — The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, called “Giving Tuesday ” to mark beginning of the season of charitable giving, reminds us of the important work charities do: feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, promoting justice, nurturing the spirit, curing diseases, providing education, promoting the arts and more. These organizations play an essential role in American society.

While legislators pay lip service to the importance of charities, in recent years they have failed to adopt policies to ensure that charities get what they need to do their work. Provisions in the tax bills the House and Senate are considering would make the situation worse.

For charities to function, they need an adequate flow of donations, the ability to use these donations for their mission and the ability to remain outside the political fray. These interests have been protected in the past by a tax deduction that encourages charitable giving, a rule that requires donors to give up control over donated funds in order to take advantage of the deduction, and prohibition of political activities by charitable organizations. Each of these is under significant threat.

How Trump Learned to Love the Swamp

Richard Cordray, the crusading Democrat who runs the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, had never met or even spoken to President Donald Trump. But on October 30, he sent an unusually emotional letter to the White House, begging the president to preserve a new rule ensuring that consumers could sue financial firms in court. “This letter is not about charts or graphs or studies,” he wrote. “Instead, it is simply a personal appeal to you.”

Cordray said he had been warned that his letter would be a waste of time, since the president’s Republican allies in Congress had already passed a bill killing the rule, but he tried a last-ditch appeal to the drain-the-swamp, elite-bashing populism that Trump so powerfully expressed in the 2016 campaign. Cordray explained that the bill would prevent ordinary Americans from filing class-action suits against corporate wrongdoers like Wells Fargo and Equifax, and that a veto would help the people who put Trump in office fight the special interests Trump had vowed to crush.

There are 177 lobbyist working in the McCain campiagn; does that concern you about his policies?

He is the perfect puppet for Corporate America. His allegiances will not be for the voting public. Take heed.