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Gateway First Bank Names Melissa Bogle as Director of Corporate Communications

As Director of Corporate Communications, Bogle will be responsible for defining and executing the corporate communications strategy, including internal and external communications across traditional, digital, and social media platforms. Working closely with senior management and other company leaders, she will be responsible for the execution of the company’s public relations function to position the team as strategic partners. She will represent the company to a variety of audiences, including the company’s Board of Directors, news media, legislators, internal personnel, the business community and community organizations.

“Melissa will play a major role on the executive team leading our corporate communications and public relations efforts in telling the story of Gateway First’s development and growth,” Stephen Curry, CEO of Gateway said. “With more than 30 years of experience as a corporate communications leader, Melissa will be a vital component of our executive team.

Affinity Mortgages selects Mortgage Brain for boosting business efficiency

UK-based mortgage adviser, Affinity Mortgages has selected Mortgage Brain in a bid to enable efficient business processes across the industry as well as support lenders, networks, corporates, and intermediary mortgage advisors.

Mark Lofthouse, CEO of Mortgage Brain, commented, “The mortgage industry is changing – technology enables us to increasingly do more with less. We support proactive mortgage advisors like Affinity and to equip them with the right tools to focus on delivering the best possible results for their clients. We are proud to enable Affinity’s advisers to save time through the use of an integrated CRM and mortgage search and selection process. We look forward to continuing to work with them as we develop our innovative product portfolio and drive faster client service.”

According to the supplier, the new partnership is expected to enable Affinity to utilize Mortgage Brain’s Point-of-Sale compliance and CRM system, The Key. The Key will offer an end-to-end process with one login, single data entry, reports and templates, lead generation into the system along with multiple partner integrations. The partnership will also ensure the integration of Affinity with MortgageBrain Anywhere, an online sourcing system, wherein the system aims to provide an accurate mortgage search and selection process for their clients.

Religious or humane person, how much sympathy do you show others who have unforseen things happen to them?

Sympathy, understanding feelings of others!

33 man out / Baby Jessica / foreclosure-freeze / Sympathy, understanding feelings of others!

33 miners story here

Sympathy is a feeling, and most people have sympathy for people who have something bad happen to them. But even better than sympathy is when you actually DO something for others rather than just feeling sympathy.

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