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The Road Ahead for Women-Owned Small Businesses

NAMWOLF, on the other hand, assists its law firm members in developing strategic alliances, coalitions, and affiliations with corporations, in-house counsel, and other legal trade associations and it certified its members.

Taking the audience through the WOSB Federal Contracting Program, Josephine M. Hamel, Managing Attorney, Foreclosure at Heavner, Beyers & Mihlar said that the program enabled the economically disadvantaged WOSBs to compete for federal contracts that are set aside for them in industries where WOSBs are underrepresented. "The program allows set-asides for WOSBs in industries where women-owned small businesses are substantially underrepresented and has designated two sets of industries according to the North American Industry Classification System," Hamel explained.

The panel also discussed some of the best practices for marketing a WOSB to get certified. They included registering through the website, preparing a one-page capability statement outlining the business' credentials and services, and conducting a marketing letter campaigned to contract officers introducing the company.

Religious or humane person, how much sympathy do you show others who have unforseen things happen to them?

Sympathy, understanding feelings of others!

33 man out / Baby Jessica / foreclosure-freeze / Sympathy, understanding feelings of others!

33 miners story here

Sympathy is a feeling, and most people have sympathy for people who have something bad happen to them. But even better than sympathy is when you actually DO something for others rather than just feeling sympathy.