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What rate of return is the bank paying you for the equity in your home? Zip Zero Zilch! Use the equity to pay off high interest credit cards ...

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To find the best banks for home equity loans, you’ll want to choose your product and then find the best deal.

Home equity loans can be fixed loans or lines of credit Once you choose a product you’ll want to compare rates and terms from several lenders Then compile a short list of competitive lenders and work with the one that provides the best service Verify your new rate (Dec 30th, 2018) How to find the best banks for home equity loans

Home equity interest rates and costs vary widely. So when searching for the best banks for home equity loans 2019, get at least three quotes from different lenders. Only when you have multiple quotes can you properly compare interest rates and costs.

Stanford drops home equity from calculations of family wealth

Stanford University has become the latest top university to announce that it will no longer consider home equity when calculating how much money a student and her family can afford to contribute toward a college education.

The university's announcement quoted Stanford's board chair, Jeffrey S. Raikes, as explaining the change this way: “Stanford is committed to meeting the full demonstrated need for every admitted undergraduate who qualifies for financial aid, without expecting them to borrow to meet their need. Removing home equity from the financial aid calculation is the first of what we expect will be several additional steps to further enhance our undergraduate aid program in the next few years.”

Stanford is not only highly competitive, but (based on sticker price) highly expensive. Tuition, room and board for 2019-20 has just been set at $69,962.

The issue of home equity is not one on which all colleges agree, and some fear that eliminating calculations of home equity favors those who are from families of means. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid explicitly states that the question on parents' investment holdings does not count "the home in which your parents live."

Any advantage between joint and single home equity lines?

Me and my wife are thinking about it, but not sure if to go with joint or single? What are pros and cons?

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It's an equity line. It HAS to be titled at least in the same manner as the house. If the house is a joint ownership then so WILL the loan. They will demand all owners pledge to the loan.