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Peter Piper Picked a Poor Mortgage Now Peters Property is in Poor Closure!

We all know the story of Peter Piper. Here, later in life Peter Piper gets a house. But Peter Piper doesn't pick the proper mortgage and now ...

Real Estate: Purchase offer accepted. What comes next?

You have found the home that you want to buy and have submitted a purchase offer.

A purchase offer is a contract between a buyer and a seller that establishes, for a limited time, the terms for a buyer to purchase the home.

Once a purchase offer is accepted you have a legally binding document and – congratulations – you are one step closer to buying a home.

There are, however, still several steps to complete before you can say “home sweet home.”

So, what comes next?

First of all, do not purchase, charge anything or make changes to your financial situation.

You were prequalified on your financial status before your purchase offer was accepted. So any changes may put your mortgage approval in jeopardy. Remember, the bank will check for any changes right up to a couple days before closing.

The next step: your offer will go to your attorney for approval even though the buyers and the sellers signed the offer. Once approved by attorneys it is then a binding contract.

Retirement Planners May Need to Bring Seniors Back to Reality

Members of the “silent generation” were slightly more optimistic than their baby-boom counterparts, with 91.7% positive comments as compared to 88.3%, but members of the baby boom generation — those aged 51 to 69 — also reported fewer negative comments than the 70-and-over members of the silent generation. In addition, respondents making under $25,000 annually and unmarried participants expressed a slightly more negative outlook than those who made more or were married, but the overall trends were nearly universal.

“However, even in these groups, positive words remained the majority,” Lee and Coughlin noted.

That might sound like good news on its face, but there’s overwhelming evidence that seniors’ financial reality doesn’t match their upbeat vision of a future with beach vacations and financial freedom. Lee and Coughlin’s analysis notes that only 57% of American households have any type of retirement savings, according to a 2016 study, with a median nest egg of just $5,000. Earlier this year, a Federal Reserve study found that less than 40% of Americans feel like they’re on the right financial track, while half of respondents to an Allianz Life Insurance survey released earlier this month said they’d fallen behind on their retirement savings and felt like they were scrambling to catch up.

fiance bought house in Mn.Got married in 2005,how do i get my name on abstract,mortgage,...?

my fiance' bought a house in austin,minnesota in 2001. We got married in 2005. It is now 2009. i am wondering how we go about getting my spouses' name on the mortgage,abstract,etc.

This question is confusing. It's hard to tell who's asking, the one with the name on the warranty deed or the one without the name on the warranty deed.

Whichever, getting the name on the warranty deed is easy.