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Peter Piper Picked a Poor Mortgage Now Peters Property is in Poor Closure!

We all know the story of Peter Piper. Here, later in life Peter Piper gets a house. But Peter Piper doesn't pick the proper mortgage and now ...

New Jersey District Court Finds Defendants Liable to Title Insurance Company for Conversion, But Factual Issues ...

In an action by plaintiff title insurance company against defendants for claims of fraud and conversion arising out of defendants’ sale of their house and the use of the proceeds thereafter, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey granted in part plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment as to the conversion claim, but denied the motion with respect to the fraud claim, acknowledging that plaintiff has put forward circumstantial evidence that the husband committed fraud but ultimately determining that there remains genuine issues of fact. First Am. Title Ins. Co. v. Sadek , 2017 WL 6663899 (D.N.J. Dec. 29, 2017). In the case, defendants, a husband and wife, owned a home encumbered by two recorded mortgages. In October 2005, the husband, who was the primary shareholder of a mortgage banking firm (“FFE”), applied for another loan from FFE in order to refinance the two loans. The husband signed the promissory note and does not dispute that he prepared the mortgage. Further, the title search for the refinance was performed by Winthrop Abstract, a company used by FFE to perform the title searches for a significant amount of loans. The wife and the husband’s mother both held positions at Winthrop Abstract, and the husband received a share of revenue from its New York counterpart. The refinancing loan was then sold to National City Bank, but the mortgage was never recorded. Defendants sold their home in March 2006, and did not disclose the sale to National City. The proceeds of the sale were deposited into defendants’ bank account instead of being used to pay off the outstanding loan. FFE apparently continued to pay the National City loan for another two and a half years following the closing of the sale of the property. PNC Bank, successor by merger with National City, then brought this action against defendants and later assigned its rights to plaintiff.

New York's Hidden Home Buyer Closing Costs: Luxury Boxes and ...

“The egregiousness of title insurance in New York State is something that inflates premiums to fund lavish entertainment, and it’s easily combated,” Mr. Rose said.

Nine months ago, New York officials proposed a fix: a complete ban on such expenses. The new rule has drawn praise from consumer advocates, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and even some business leaders. It is set to go into force on Thursday.

But in Albany, industry opponents are pushing back hard. Lawmakers, perhaps feeling the effect of a $400,000 lobbying campaign in 2017, have urged state regulators to delay or rewrite the looming gift ban. And the chairmen of the powerful insurance committees in the State Senate and Assembly are backing legislation that would undercut the new rule.

fiance bought house in Mn.Got married in 2005,how do i get my name on abstract,mortgage,...?

my fiance' bought a house in austin,minnesota in 2001. We got married in 2005. It is now 2009. i am wondering how we go about getting my spouses' name on the mortgage,abstract,etc.

This question is confusing. It's hard to tell who's asking, the one with the name on the warranty deed or the one without the name on the warranty deed.

Whichever, getting the name on the warranty deed is easy.