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Peter Piper Picked a Poor Mortgage Now Peters Property is in Poor Closure!

We all know the story of Peter Piper. Here, later in life Peter Piper gets a house. But Peter Piper doesn't pick the proper mortgage and now ...

WSFS Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:WSFS) Trading Volume Significantly Lower

498 shares changed hands by the end of trading on Friday. Overall, volume was down 99.52% under the stocks normal daily volume.

Investors are feeling more bearish on shares of the company of late considering the increase in short interest. The firm experienced a rise in short interest of 6.68% between June 15, 2017 and May 31, 2017. Short interest grew from 587,512 to 626,781 over that timeframe. The short-interest ratio increased to 7.3 and the short interest percentage is 0.02% as of May 31.

WSFS Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:WSFS) has been the object of insider selling activity recently. EVP Peggy H. Eddens sold 4,911 shares at an average price of $45.08 on June 2nd. Eddens now owns $860,081 of stock per an SEC filing yesterday. S. James Mazarakis, EVP sold $97,989 worth of shares at an average price of $44.50 on Tue the 23rd. The EVP now owns $1,852,357 of the stock as recorded in a recent Form 4 SEC filing.

Paul D. Geraghty, EVP disclosed the sale of 350 shares of WSFS stock. The shares were purchased at an average price of $46.60. Geraghty now owns $0 of the stock according to the SEC filing.

Eagle County real estate sales top $1 billion for the first half of 2017

"A wealthy buyer who sees other affluent buyers (purchasing) in that range captures attention and bolsters confidence," Bergman said.

While sales in the high end of the market drive up total sales numbers, the vast majority of sales in the valley are for $1 million or less. Of the 735 transactions in the first half of 2017, 531 were for $1 million or less, with 298 of those sales at $500,000 or less.

"There's really been no off-season in the market this year," Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate managing broker John Pfeiffer said. "The boom has continued through April, May and June."

April, when sales usually wane in the wake of the ski season, was "incredibly busy," Pfeiffer said.

The biggest problem in the market is inventory, particularly for homes priced at $500,000 or less.

According to Vail Board of Realtors data, the average time on market for homes in that range — that is, between listing and having a unit under contract — is a matter of days.

fiance bought house in Mn.Got married in 2005,how do i get my name on abstract,mortgage,...?

my fiance' bought a house in austin,minnesota in 2001. We got married in 2005. It is now 2009. i am wondering how we go about getting my spouses' name on the mortgage,abstract,etc.

This question is confusing. It's hard to tell who's asking, the one with the name on the warranty deed or the one without the name on the warranty deed.

Whichever, getting the name on the warranty deed is easy.