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winners never-John McMillion of Majestic Mortgage Company A Majestic Youth of Tomorrow Announcement

John McMillion aka Johnny McMillion or Mr. Mc Million, has a series of Service Announcements:Public, Youth,Community,Safety etc. These ...

A family of lawyers fought to clear their name. Now their story is in an Oscar-nominated documentary.

The Sung sisters, Vera, Jill and Chantrelle, still find it bewildering that they went from being accused of mortgage fraud to being the stars of an Oscar-nominated documentary.

On March 4, they’ll attend the Academy Awards ceremony, where the film about their fight against fraud charges is nominated for Best Documentary Feature.

Before the documentary, the family's only connection to Hollywood was by name. Two of the sisters were named after actresses, Jill St. John and Vera Miles.

“My mother’s side of the family was very creative,” says Jill Sung. “But my father’s side was very business-oriented, and we joke that my father’s side of the family suffocated any creativity that was left on my mother’s side.”

Vera and Jill work at Abacus Federal Savings Bank, a small bank in Chinatown, New York that their father Thomas Sung founded in 1984. Vera is the director of the board and Jill is the president and CEO. Chanterelle, the youngest of the family, is a former prosecutor who now works in pharmaceutical corporate security. All three are trained as lawyers, while their fourth sister, Heather, is a doctor.

Community looking to delay FEMA flood map implementation

Harney gave the same presentation he had at a community forum in late January, but included a few updates.  He began with an overview of FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program and the history of the borough’s participation.

The current flood zone maps were drawn in the 1990s, and include just the City of Ketchikan. Updated maps will cover the entire Ketchikan Gateway Borough road system and creek floodplains.  The number of affected properties will expand from 48 to about 1,100.

While it is voluntary for communities to participate in the program, Harney says there are consequences for opting out.

“If we get out. No resident will be able to purchase a flood insurance policy from FEMA through the NFIP program. That does not mean that their mortgage does not require flood insurance to be purchased. All it means that you can’t buy it from the NFIP. You can’t buy it subsidized. You still have to go and find it from somewhere else.”

In opting out, Harney also says existing flood insurance policies would not be renewed, and the community would not qualify for federal grants if a flood disaster happened.