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Lima One Capital now offering Fix2Rent, a single-close loan

Lima One Capital, the nation’s premier lender for real estate investors, is introducing an innovative loan product that combines features of its FixNFlip loans and Rental30 loans into the SFR industry’s first single-close rehab to rent product.

Lima One’s new Fix2Rent and Build2Rent loan offerings allow real estate investors to combine a fix and flip and/or construction loan with a 30-year rental property loan in a simultaneous close. This first-of-its-kind loan will allow investors to fix/build and hold a property versus selling the property or searching for a new permanent loan. For real estate investors, one closing instead of two creates major benefits, including: streamlined underwriting, significantly reduced costs and fees and committed long-term financing for the subject rental property. No other specialty lender offers a single-close product to real estate investors nationwide.

The new loan applies to rehab properties as well as to new construction, said Jeff Tennyson, Lima One Capital CEO.

China Seeks Solutions For Economic Slump – Analysis

By Michael Lelyveld

China’s government may have few remedies for declining economic growth as it faces the combined pressures of U.S. tariffs and the domestic slowdown.

Regulators have already broken through one major policy barrier by allowing the value of the yuan to drop below seven to the U.S. dollar on Aug. 5, slipping under the psychological threshold for the first time since 2008.

The surprise devaluation sparked a debate over whether the currency was dragged down by external forces or driven down from inside in an attempt to soften the sting of new 10-percent tariffs on U.S. $300 billion (2.1 trillion yuan) of goods that were threatened to take effect Sept. 1.

In a possible sign that the tariff conflict could ease, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced last week that some items would be removed from the “List 4” of threatened tariffs while others would be delayed until Dec. 15.

China’s response has been largely negative. The government has threatened “necessary countermeasures” if the remaining listed tariffs are imposed on Sept. 1.

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