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eXp Realty Exceeds 16000 Real Estate Agents Across North America

“We continue to innovate and change the industry, and we’re fortunate that so many agents want to be a part of it. Our business model offers a value to agents that isn’t available anywhere else,” said eXp World Holdings CEO, Chairman and Founder Glenn Sanford. “This is particularly awesome because when we started the agent equity award program, the ceiling was 16,000 agents and now we are breaking it. Our new sustainable equity plan allows agents to continue to receive equity in the company while securing eXp’s place in history.”

The milestone of 16,000 agents was the initial target company leadership used in 2013 when setting up the first equity incentives for agents. The Sustainable Equity Plan goes into effect immediately and provides a similar dollar value in equity today as the former plan. Under the new plan, agent incentives will be paid as a dollar value of shares, rather than a stair-stepped number of shares for achieving stated goals on a go forward basis.

Meridian Completes Construction of State-Of-The-Art, 28,000 Square Foot Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Dallas

Meridian was instrumental in site selection, design oversight, and construction management, and provided the capital to acquire the property and fund the renovation of the building. MedVet will be Meridian’s tenant under a long-term lease arrangement.

Facility stats:

Total project size:  38,950 rentable square feet Hospital size:  28,000 square feet Advanced specialty features: 10 exam rooms, four surgical suites, CT, X-ray, MRI and central lab Time to completion: 12 months after start of construction

Dallas is a new market for MedVet, but Meridian founder  Curt Boisfontaine  knew there was a need for a centrally located veterinary specialty and emergency hospital in the region. He identified and cultivated the opportunity to partner with MedVet and brought that vision to fruition. He located a highly visible 3-acre parcel of land in central Dallas and acquired it with an existing 50-year-old building. The Meridian team, including M+A Architects, designers and contractors, worked closely with MedVet executives and veterinarians to complete the project.

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