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Liberty Vittert: A statistician's new take on the old question about renting or buying

I’m really sorry to say, it isn’t looking pretty. We have been told over and over again, house prices will increase considerably over time. And we do hear the occasional exciting story of someone’s brother’s wife’s cousin’s sister who bought her house for $200k and sold it three years later for $400k….alas, it is the vast exception, not the rule.

Looking at the Case-Schiller Home Price Index, yes, if you live in New York City, house prices have almost doubled since 2000. But most of America doesn’t live in Manhattan. Look at Cleveland instead, where house prices have barely changed since 2000, and, if adjusted for inflation, have actually gone down.

We can no longer count on the massive house price growth of the late 1990’s, but somehow we can’t seem to get the “buy a home” mantra out of our ethos.

Since 1890, house prices have grown by less than .6 percent per year, not the touted 14 percent increases of the 70’s or even the 5 percent increases of today.

FLNB announces promotions

Jill Anslum is promoted to senior vice president-deposit services manager and has worked for the bank since 2016.

Jonathan Galeano is promoted to senior vice president and chief operations officer. He has been with the bank since 2016.

Kirsten Drange is promoted to assistant vice president and loan administration. She has been with the bank since 2016.

Nichole Runnells is promoted to assistant cashier and has been with the bank since 2014.

Suzanne Reid is promoted to assistant vice president, mortgage loan officer and mortgage services. She has worked for the bank since 2016.

Timothy Hopkins is promoted to vice president and loan officer. He has worked for the bank since 2017.

Tyler Jackson has been promoted to first vice president and loan officer. He has been with the bank since 2016.

First Liberty National Bank has been a part of Liberty and the surrounding communities since 1913. The bank was founded by Bert G. Riviere. It is said that he had a bad banking experience and stated, “I can do it better.” With a $10,000 capital investment, he opened the doors of a new bank named Liberty State Bank at 404 Main Street on June 13, 1913. Today, FLNB has grown to four locations in Liberty, Dayton, Hardin and Huffman, in addition to an Insurance Agency. 

What company should I get to do my taxes?

I am trying to decide if I should do my taxes myself, or if I should take my taxes to one of the tax offices. Should I take my taxes to H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax Services, Peoples Taxes, or should I buy TaxCut software and do it myself?

Guru -

It all depends on what type of service you are looking to receive. If you are good with numbers and navigating the IRS forms, then you can try one of the tax software packages.

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