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19. History of the Mortgage Market: A Personal Narrative

Financial Theory (ECON 251) Professor Geanakoplos explains how, as a mathematical economist, he became interested in the practical world of ...

PNC Automates Faster Payments Choice For Corporate Treasurers

PNC Treasury Management is rolling out a new solution designed to optimize corporate treasurers’ B2B payments.

In a press release Friday (Oct. 18), PNC announced its intelligent payment routing capabilities, which allows treasurers to generate a payment file and then have PNC automatically determine which payment channel should be used to execute the transaction. The decision will be made based upon an array of factors, including which payment method offers the lowest cost to the payer, enables the fastest delivery and other parameters pre-established by the treasurer client.

Options for payment methods will include real-time payment (RTP), same day ACH or next day ACH, with PNC planning to incorporate a wire transfer option in the first quarter of next year.

In a statement, PNC Treasury Management Executive Vice President and Head of Product and Operations Chris Ward said the automated payments optimization tool enables treasurers and other financial executives to use their time more strategically.

I have land for sale in Chilean Patagonia....?

Dear Sirs,

I am contacting you to share with you information regarding a property we have for sale.
It is a 2025 hectare (5.004 acres) land in Cisne Medio, Austral Road, Aysén Region in the Chilean Patagonia.

Sure, and I have oceanfront property in Arizona I'd like to sell ya!

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