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Fight Foreclosure: 4 Effective Ways To Challenge The Mortgage Lender Before The Foreclosure Sale

Short video clips the highlights effective ways to challenge your mortgage lender if you are facing foreclosure. This is part of The Go Fight ...

“Better With Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge” Promotional Start Changed to Jan. 26

The first of five basketball games with the "Better With Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge" will be Saturday, Jan. 26 when the YSU women's basketball team hosts Cleveland State at 1 p.m.

Burgan Real Estate, the Official Real Estate Partner of YSU Athletics, is in the second year of a special promotion where the largest, locally independently owned real estate company is going to offer fans at select YSU men's and women's home basketball games the opportunity to have Burgan pay their mortgage for a year. In cooperation with YSU, the Better with Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge Sweepstakes will take place at five select YSU men's and women's home basketball games this season and will offer a lucky fan at each game the opportunity to win a $12,000 prize by making three different basketball shots in 30 seconds or less.

The games where the promotion will occur are:
Jan. 26 – Women vs. Cleveland State (Tip at 1 p.m.)
Feb. 2 – Women vs.

Cue The Hysteria! Lefty MSM Outlets Challenge Kamala Harris' Claim She Was a 'Progressive Prosecutor'

As Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) prepares to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020, she frequently touts her record as a "progressive prosecutor" during her time as San Francisco District Attorney. Her base – and even CNN – are calling that label into question. It's been recently discovered that Harris supported a San Francisco policy that required law enforcement agencies to turn over illegal alien minors to federal officials if they were arrested and suspected of committing a felony. It didn't matter if the minor was convicted or not. 

What's interesting is Harris worked with then-Mayor Gavin Newsom to establish San Francisco's sanctuary city policy. City officials were split on the issue. Newsom's office supported the sanctuary city declaration while the Board of Supervisors opposed it. And we know who eventually won that fight.

Harris' campaign is doing everything in their power to put out this public relations nightmare. Campaign spokesman Ian Sams told CNN the sanctuary city "policy was intended to protect the sanctuary status of San Francisco and to ensure local police, who needed to have strong relationships with the communities they serve regardless of immigration status, were not forced to operate as immigration agents, which is the responsibility of the federal government. Looking back, this policy could have been applied more fairly."

Can you get a mortgage allowing you to bid on a foreclosed property?

Our realtor advises that only buyers with cash in hand can buy foreclosed properties at auction. There is a technical challenge buying if you need a mortgage as you have to be in contract to be able to get the mortgage approved.

You need to establish a banking relationship in the commercial loan department. Stay away from residential lenders as they are not involved in investment deals.