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Blackstone’s Allied solution LLC, valued over $7 billion, set to launch IPO

At least, four separate sources confirmed that the IPO might come in the first half of 2019, around two years after the acquisition of Alight by Blackstone from an Insurance Broker, Aon Plc, in a $4.8 billion deal. In fact, the proposed IPO would allow Blackstone to generate revenue be gradual selling of Alight’s stake in the stock market.

As the sources mentioned, the Blackstone had hired JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp and Morgan Stanley for underwriting the Alight’s IPO. Crucially, Blackstone is also considering any acquisition offer for Alight, after two years of takeover without much gains to talk about.

A source, being cautiously optimistic, commented on the issue, that the IPO is expected to raise between $500-$750 million, depending on the market situation. However, the sources who unveiled the news, asked not to be identified, as the matter is highly confidential.

While asked for comments about the matter, Blackstone, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan declined to comment, while the Bank of America did not respond to the requests for comments.

Canadian Households Are Just 0.01 Points From The Mother of All Debt Records

Canadian household finances took another hit last year. Statistics Canada (StatCan) numbers show the debt servicing ratio (DSR) is at a multi-year high as of Q4 2018. The amount of income spent maintaining debt is now at a level not seen since 2007. The volume of debt has effectively wiped out the household benefit of low interest rates.

Debt Service Ratio

The debt service ratio (DSR) is the percent of disposable income used for loan payments. Disposable income is the cash left over, after the government and non-discretionary payments take their cut. The ratio is an easy concept to understand, but the meaning is often misunderstood. Often you’ll hear that a high debt ratio is fine, because of the level of defaults are low. That’s great for banks, but that misses the benefit to the economy.

Debt is how you buy something today, without having to have the full value. Future economic activity is pulled forward, in exchange for the payments plus interest. Higher DSRs mean more of your future income is spoken for, to pay for consumption today. Every dollar a household has obligated to a payment, is a dollar they can’t spend, save, or invest. Those dollars they can’t spend, mean they can’t drive future economic growth. A slowing economy can lead to much more of a mess than a few over-leveraged defaults. It effectively turns into everyone’s problem, even if they have no debt.

Does the EU subsidize your gas/mortage/electric bills? So why does Obama think the EU is the solution?

to America's problems?

How, exactly, will this help America?

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