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Create and distribute mobile apps with Nokia and Open Screen Project Fund

Nokia invites developers to apply to the Open Screen Project Fund to get money to create mobile apps and distribute them in more than 190 ...

€1.5 million announced for Irish teams preparing for Olympics and world championships

IRISH TEAMS PREPARING to go to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and world championships are to benefit from an additional €1.5 million in funding, it was announced today.

Minister for Tourism and Sports Shane Ross made the announcement in front of the Irish women’s hockey team as they returned today from the Women’s Hockey World Cup, where they were runners-up .

In an interview broadcast on RTÉ he said: “People say how is the government going to respond to this extraordinary achievement? Well, let me tell you.”

He said that in respect to what the Irish hockey team has done, “and in particular because of the timing of what you’ve done”, the government has decided to give an extra €1.5 million for Olympic and world champion preparation.

He said that hockey “will enjoy a significant share of that particular funding”.

There was an emotional reaction from the Irish hockey team to the news.

Yesterday, Minister Ross and John Treacy, CEO of Sport Ireland , said that the hockey team had not had to pay a reported €550 levy to take part in the World Cup. But Treacy did say that Sport Ireland would have loved to have given the team more money.

Kapwing is Adobe for the meme generation

Enthoven and Eric Lu both worked at Google Image Search in the lauded Associate Product Manager (APM) program that’s minted many future founders for companies like Quip, Asana and Polyvore. But after two years, they noticed a big gap in the creative ecosystem. Enthoven explains that “The idea came from using outdated tools for making the types of videos people want to make for social media — short-form, snackable video you record with your phone. It’s so difficult to make those kinds of videos in today’s editors.”

So the pair of 25-year-olds left in September to start Kapwing. They named it after their favorite sound effect from the Calvin & Hobbes comics when the make-believe tiger would deflect toy gunshots from his best pal. “It’s an onomatopoeia, and that’s sort of cool because video is all about movement and sound.”

What laptop computer is the best one for running Adobe CS5?

I am a 2nd term graphic design student in San Antonio and getting ready to purchase my first laptop and design software set. I'm going for the new Adobe CS5 but I don't know what laptop I should get.

What you get depends on which CS5 applications you would like to run - the system requirements for each of them is different, e.g., Photoshop has different needs than Premiere, etc.

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