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Should You Think About Buying Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc. (NYSE:IVR) Now?

What kind of returns can we expect from Invesco Mortgage Capital in the future? It’s one thing to get a stock at a low price, but the quality of the company is even more important, as its stock may be cheap or expensive for a reason. We can determine the quality of a stock many ways; one way is to look at how much return it generates relative to the money we’ve invested in the stock. Invesco Mortgage Capital is expected to return 12% of your investment in the next couple of years if you buy the stock today. This is a relatively good return on your investment which builds up the case for owning the stock.

What this means for you:

Are you a shareholder? IVR’s optimistic future returns appear to have been factored into the current share price, with shares trading above its fair value. At this current price, shareholders may be asking a different question – should I sell? If you believe IVR should trade below its current price, selling high and buying it back up again when its price falls towards its real value can be profitable. But before you make this decision, take a look at whether its fundamentals have changed.

Why does the US government subsidize capital gains, mortgage loans, and having children via tax breaks?

As a home owner I would have purchased my house regardless of the interest tax deduction.

As an investor I do not see the diff between me earning money via labor OR capital gains.

If as an investor you see no reason for income from wages and capital gains to be taxed differently, would you then be okay paying the same tax rate that working people pay?

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