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US Bank National Asso. v. DLJ Mortgage Capital, Inc., 650369/2013
In New York, the statute of limitations for a breach of contract claim accrues at the time of the breach. Ely-Cruikshank Co. v. Bank of Montreal, 81 N.Y.2d 399, 402 (1993). "The Statute runs from the time of the breach though no damage occurs until later.

AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. Announces Tax Treatment of 2013 Dividend ...
NEW YORK, Jan 24, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. (NYSE:MITT) (the “Company”), a real estate investment trust (REIT), announced today the tax treatment of common and preferred stock dividends declared in 2013.

With the New Year, New Consumer Protections on Mortgages
With the New Year, New Consumer Protections on Mortgages Ruth Fremson/The . One way lenders can comply with the new rules is by making what's called a qualified mortgage, which is a loan with features aimed at making it safer for consumers. For instance, such loans can't have risky features

BofA Mortgage Pact Judge Appointed to N.Y. Appeals Court
While the settlement was backed by a group of more than two dozen investors including BlackRock Inc. (BLK) and Pacific Investment Management Co., dozens of other investors objected. Kapnick was elected to the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan

New York Harp 2.0 Refinance Program | New York Mortgage Company

www.HARP20LENDER.COM New York Mortgage Company that Specializes in the New York HARP 2.0 Refinance Mortgage Program and all of the guidlines ...

New York Mortgage Trust, Inc.: Does This 13% Yielder Deserve an Upgrade?

If you were to ask whether the dividend was safe at New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. (NASDAQ:NYMT) last year, the answer would be “no.”

The reason is simple. Last year, the company declared total dividends of $0.80 per share. Meanwhile, it earned a basic net income of $79.2 million, or $0.62 per share. Comprehensive income came in at $51.5 million, or $0.40 per share. (Source: “ Form 10K ,” New York Mortgage Trust, Inc., last accessed June 24, 2019.)

In other words, whether you look at the company’s basic net income or comprehensive income in 2018, the amount fell short of the its total dividends declared during the year.

And it’s not like NYMT stock had an impeccable dividend history. In September 2015, the company reduced its quarterly dividend rate from $0.27 per share to $0.24 per share, marking an 11.1% cut. Then, in March 2017, New York Mortgage Trust slashed its quarterly payout by another 16.7% to $0.20 per share. (Source: “ Dividend History ,” New York Mortgage Trust, Inc., last accessed June 24, 2019.

Inside the digital mortgage revolution: HSBC and Roostify on partnering to shape the future

So, how did such a relationship come together? And what does it mean for the future of mortgages? To find answers to these questions, HousingWire sat down recently with executives from both HSBC and Roostify to discuss their partnership, how it came to be, and what the future holds.

For HSBC, the decision to go digital was driven by its customers.

“I think we started this process nine months ago, a year ago…to start to look at a front-end digital solution because our customers continually asked for us to look for solutions to make the process easier and more transparent and convenient,” David Gates, HSBC’s head of mortgage originations and sales, told HousingWire recently.

Gates said the company considered trying to build a digital mortgage platform of its own, but eventually determined that partnering with a company like Roostify would be a more cost-effective and practical decision.

“We went through an entire review, not only of third-party vendors, but also what our internal capabilities were globally. And we decided that what we saw from the Roostify perspective would take us a fair bit of time to develop internally and the best solution for our U.S. business is absolutely to partner with Roostify,” Gates said.

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