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Alicia Silverstone’s ‘American Woman’ searches for happiness in 1970s

Twenty years and one day after “Sex and the City” premiered, Paramount Network presents “American Woman” — which could pass for the prequel series HBO never commissioned.

The half-hour comedy is actually based on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards’ memories of her mother’s life.

It’s 1975, and if the fashions and the feathered hair don’t clue you in, the name-dropping is enough to drive you to drink: Lynda Carter, Paul Michael Glaser, Linda Ronstadt, Lee Majors and Phil Donahue are just a few of the celebrities checked, most in the first few minutes of the premiere.

It’s disorienting, even for those old enough to remember them.

Alicia Silverstone (“Clueless,” “Batman & Robin”) stars as Bonnie, a socialite married to a Hollywood real estate agent and mother of two girls. Her job is apparently to look fabulous, keep a fabulous home and raise fabulous children, work she attacks with gusto.

Broker tips for private land financing

“We require as-is appraisals rather than as-built appraisals that are based on a set of extraordinary assumptions that don’t reflect the land’s current state,” said Rapoport. “We also need confirmation of the equity that’s being injected into the property, as well as its provenance, because lenders always want to ensure that borrowers are aligned with the deal. Syndicated equity is different than cash out of the borrower’s own pocket.”

Additionally, private lenders require documents that delineate Official Plan designations, zoning by-laws that may affect the site in question, and that determine the type of end product the site can sustain, including its density.

“Environmental phase one and two documentation is also needed,” continued Rapoport, “because environmental issues can have very large impact on land values. Land with environmental issues can still be financed, but it’s imperative that lenders are apprised of both the nature and scope of the contamination. Being able to quantify remediation costs is very important to private lenders.”

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