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Aries Conlon Capital closes $9.4M in financing for two hotels

In the second transaction, Shah secured the $4.1 million, 10-year fixed rate loan for the 77-key Country Inn & Suites at 1395 Mall of Georgia Blvd. in northeast Buford, Ga. The nonrecourse loan was closed at a 60-percent loan-to-value ratio with a 25-year amortization and included cash-out.

“The lender was concerned with falling revenue in the Mall of Georgia submarket due to increasing supply,” Shah said in a statement. “Because of our close relationship with the lender, they agreed to wait patiently until the submarket supply stabilized. Shortly after that, we successfully closed the loan.”

Heather Madsen, SVP at Aries Conlon Capital, and associate VP Prabhat Jayara assisted with the underwriting and closing for both transactions.

Chicago-based Aries Conlon Capital, is a full-service, commercial real estate mortgage and investment banking firm, a division of Conlon & Company and the result of a merger between Conlon & Company’s Capital Markets Group and Aries Capital's Commercial Mortgage Banking Group.

American Woman episode 2 review: 'Changes and the New Normal'

This episode also gives us a closer look at Diana (Jennifer Bartels)’s work situation. As the only female working in a loans office, she asks her piggish boss for a promotion, only to be denied because unlike her competition, she doesn’t have a wife and family to support.

Although she manages to convince her boss to consider her for the role, using a “gentlemen’s agreement” and a handshake, it doesn’t look like she’ll be advancing further than making photocopies and checking for signatures on important documents.

It feels like a bit of a ham-fisted scene to portray the ‘working woman in a sexist office’ trope, but it does feel kind of sad to reflect on just how many women are in similar situations today. Have we really not evolved that much since the ’70s?

Well, at least it’s a lot less rare that women are advised to show off their legs when applying for a secretary position. That’s the advice Bonnie gets when she tries to apply with a resume that’s a little thin on any actual work experience.