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Worried that rocky markets will destabilize your retirement? John Carl of the Retirement Learning Center has advice on rebuilding retirement savings.

Stage North to present 'Stepping Out': Dancing comedy hits Brainerd...

DeGeest stated, "I had tears streaming down my face at the end of the production. You get to know the characters and learn to love how quirky and funny they are and you just can't help but love them when they pull it all together at the end of the show."

As rehearsals for the production have progressed, Hirsch and DeGeest said it's been pleasantly comical to watch life imitate art and vice versa.

"We have had many days where we have literally laughed out loud at the irony of how art imitates life with this production. The dancers have struggled over difficult tap steps, have dropped hats, whacked partners with canes, and crashed into each other while trying to weave past each other with the ever-moving choreography," DeGeest stated. "The dancers have worked so hard on this production. They have sweated, have laughed, have cried and have put in hours of practice and are now ready to show you what they have learned."

Also helping make the production come to life are Oehrlein, technical director; Heather Pearson, costumer; Kim Utesch, stage manager and Jared Foss, soundboard operator.

This Retirement Community Offers a Job, Exercise, and Medical Care

Located on the north end of Singapore, Kampung Admiralty is a public housing development targeted at elderly residents that integrates healthcare, public facilities, community space, and commercial amenities in a dynamic, vertical format. Designed by the Singaporean architecture firm WOHA, the small-scale development last year was awarded World Building of the Year.

Kampung Admiralty is fine example of public policy and design coming together to foster communities, particularly by including the aging generation. Spearheaded by Singapore’s Housing Development Board—the city-state’s public housing authority that provides residences for over 80% of the population—the project, a prototype model that could impact future developments, was inspired by the desire to create a modern kampong, which means “village” in Malay.

WOHA’s design saw typical aspects of Singapore public housing—community spaces, food centers, residence and park space—transformed into a layered vertical format. These elements are traditionally operated as silos, and never combined.

can someone edit my essay? thank you so much English is my second language I am learning?

I have volunteered to take care of children at school meetings, volunteer at a preschool and an after-school program and at the children’s ministry. I have experiences the joy of working with children and learning about them as a volunteer.

I attempted to edit this for you. I found many grammatical errors, but since English isn't your native language, I didn't want to completely change the essay for you. I left your words intact, but made it a bit more literate.

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