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Stafford School Board Approves New Administrators Association Contract - By David Biggy

Roughly 14 months after the Stafford Township Board of Education and Stafford Township Education Association finalized a new contract for STEA members, the board in its meeting on Aug. 15 approved the new contract with the Stafford Township Administrator’s Association, the latter possessing a couple of similarities.

The new, three-year deal, retroactive to July 1 and running through June 30, 2022, calls for a salary increase of 3 percent each year. In the previous contract, the yearly increases were 2.5 percent for each of the three years.

Also, STAA personnel contributing to their health-benefit premiums each quarter will receive reimbursement stipends of 20 percent for each quarter of the 2019-20 year and 25 percent for the following two years. The previous contract included no such “Chapter 78” relief.

With a small crew in attendance, three of the five members voted to approve the new contract. Vice President Richard Czajkowski and Patricia Formica – who negotiated the STEA contract on behalf of the board last year – voted against the STAA contract approval, while board President Walter Jauch and recently elected members Tammy Wagner and Brett Novick voted for its approval. Prior to its approval, the board met in closed session for about 90 minutes.

can someone edit my essay? thank you so much English is my second language I am learning?

I have volunteered to take care of children at school meetings, volunteer at a preschool and an after-school program and at the children’s ministry. I have experiences the joy of working with children and learning about them as a volunteer.

I attempted to edit this for you. I found many grammatical errors, but since English isn't your native language, I didn't want to completely change the essay for you. I left your words intact, but made it a bit more literate.

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