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Supreme Court "Honest Services" Ruling Drops Political Corruption Cases Nationwide

the US Supreme Court ruled that part of a statute federal prosecutors used to target politicians in corruption investigations was ...

Oregon Judge Issues 2nd Nationwide Injunction On Rules For Abortion Providers

McShane noted in his 32-page ruling, that “scores” of declarations from public health experts and medical professionals “lead to the inescapable conclusion” that the new rules would have “negative health outcomes for low income women and communities.”

“It will result in less contraceptive services, more unintended pregnancies, less early breast cancer detection, less screening for cervical cancer, less HIV screening, and less testing for sexually transmitted disease,” McShane wrote in his opinion. “HHS’s response to these negative health outcomes is one of silence and indifference.”

Federal dollars cannot be used for funding abortions. But states often send Title X dollars, intended to help low-income individuals make family planning decisions, to clinics and services that also provide information on abortions. The proposed rules from the Trump administration would stop Title X funding from going anywhere that provides abortions or counsels on abortion services.

'House of Horrors' child abuse cases reveal how offenders nationwide use homeschooling to hide their crimes

But homeschooling unwittingly also provides a convenient and legal cover for families where children are living in squalor or are being neglected and abused.

The Coalition of Responsible Home Education, a national nonprofit, told Fox News that it has tracked nearly 400 cases that have drawn public attention – often through news outlets – since the year 2000. The cases tracked had children whose parents reported them as homeschooled but who were fatally abused or had survived severe abuse and neglect.

Because of the lack of oversight in much of the country, experts say, the scope of abuse and neglect among children who are listed as homeschooled is unknown.


After the 2017 death of an autistic teenager, Matthew Tirado , who suffered starvation, dehydration and injuries -- weighing 84 pounds when he died at the age of 17 -- the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate analyzed data of families that had records of child abuse and cross-checked them with homeschool data. The agency found that more than one-third of the children who were taken out of schools purportedly to be homeschooled were from homes that had been investigated by child protection officials.

Sam is the manager of a Starbucks. I will sue Sam for failing to serve. Is NYS or Federal court best?disable?

I know Federal court has more power and better service, but is more expensive. Is it worth the extra costs. One advantage of Federal or state is that a Federal judge's subpoena is good nationwide.

To sue in federal court, you'll need to show a federal law that Sam violated.

I am pretty sure that there is no law, either in US or New York code, that requires that you get coffee.

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