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347 Flagstar workers lose jobs as mortgage business plummets; most in Michigan
Late in 2013, for example, it agreed to settle disputes with government-sponsored mortgage lenders related to bad mortgage loans the bank made during the housing bubble and prior to collapse. “We're trying to build a much stronger company here

Small Lenders Wary as Mortgage-Lending Rules Take Effect
“We're going to be very conservative just to make sure that we're in compliance and don't get into trouble,” said Mark Walker, chief executive of Michigan Mutual Inc., a 300-employee lender based in Port Huron, Mich. “There are going to be loans that

Is It Ever Wise to Make Early Withdrawals From Your 401(k)?
them through their retirement years. But what if real-life needs intrude - such as mortgage payments, or a child's college education or credit card debts - and the holder must withdraw funds from the 401(k)? taking such a dramatic course of

State Updates; Storm May Lead to a Quiet Market; Hiring of and...
For more information on Michigan's consumer protection laws check out its FAQ. CHLA has also been active in efforts to establish high standards for all mortgage loans originators, thus leveling the playing field between banks and non-banks. CHLA

Commercial Mortgages Loans Michigan commercial loan or home commercial loan Michigan lenders provide financing and Hard money loans refinancing nationwide ...

Lake Michigan Credit Union hires Chris Cleveringa as mortgage loan originator for Allendale, MI office

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (May 4, 2018) — Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) is pleased to welcome Chris Cleveringa to its team as a mortgage loan originator for its Allendale, MI mortgage office. He reports directly to LMCU’s Vice President of Regional Mortgage Production, Lisa DeLass, and will be serving the Allendale and Coopersville markets.

Cleveringa graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics. He joined LMCU’s retail operations in 2012, later moving to its mortgage department as a member direct loan officer in 2016.

DeLass is excited to have Cleveringa on her lakeshore lending team. “Chris is a LMCU success story, beginning his career as a teller in 2012. Chris worked hard to take advantage of every opportunity, and as a result furthered his career at a rapid pace. Starting in our retail system gave Chris a keen sense of the whole picture, with an emphasis on how to provide superior member service. He worked in both the processing and origination side of the business. This experience and knowledge will be invaluable in his role as loan originator. Chris has a bright future, and we are so excited to welcome him to the Lakeshore origination team.

How to detect mortgage wire fraud before it is too late

He could think a bit more about the holidays.

Saturday, December 2, 2017, 1:32 p.m. EST:  Tom wasn’t a real estate agent, but he was certainly starting to feel like one.  Well, at least he was getting familiar with the often-cumbersome real estate process, as a homeowner himself and especially after co-signing refinance mortgage documents with his son recently.  Sitting down at the kitchen table to make a quick e-mail check, he wasn’t surprised to see the familiar encrypted format e-mail from the seller in his own pending transaction. Mildly comforted by the effort to stave off fraud, deceit and other faceless, lurking evils, Tom dutifully took a moment to sign in and fill out a bit of virtual “paperwork.” 

Saturday, December 2, 2017, 8:34 p.m. EST:  Wait…hadn’t he already done this?  Making one last e-mail check before settling in to watch a Christmas movie he’d seen dozens of times already…bowl of popcorn at the ready…Tom was mildly surprised to see in his inbox the same encrypted email format he thought he’d responded to earlier.  Muttering to himself, Tom dutifully registered and filled out his information again. Technology, for all its benefits, seemed to come with its share of glitches and headaches as well.