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Tunnel of no love? Amtrak officials sound alarm over NYC tunnel in desperate need of repairs

He says it would be impossible to simply repair the current tubes because it essentially would halt transit up and down the east coast.

“The existing 107-year-old tunnel is the single point of failure for 10 percent of America’s gross domestic,” he explains, as he looks toward the opening of the north tube under Penn Station. “We need to build a new tunnel, then repair the old ones. “

“From Boston to Richmond,” he adds, “it would cripple the Northeast Corridor and we’d lose three-quarters of the capacity under the Hudson River.”

The Obama administration wholeheartedly agreed putting “Gateway” atop of its list of infrastructure priorities, and pledging to fund half of the $30 billion price tag.

In September, President Donald Trump, a native New Yorker, met with state officials from both New York and New Jersey to hammer out the details of an agreement. The states pledged to pay half after officials said the president gave his support.

Public broadcasting again facing funding threat

The president of Springfield’s public television station regularly has worried about proposed federal funding cuts in recent years, but none of the past proposals worried him as much as the current one, which he sees as a potentially devastating blow to the nation’s public media.

“It would be the end of public broadcasting for the United States of America as we know it,” said Jerold Gruebel, president and CEO of Network Knowledge.

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget plan would eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. While the Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio operate separately from CPB, CPB contributes more than 70 percent of its funding to 1,500 locally owned public radio and television stations, according to its website.

Trump had a similar proposal in last year’s budget plan, “and it was dead on arrival,” Gruebel said.

But this is a different year, and last year’s quick support for public broadcasting doesn’t guarantee a repeat, he said.

Why do liberal s Love a Wall Street hedge fund billionaire like George Soros but hate the Koch brothers?

Lets see, on one hand you have a man that intentionally destroys currency for personal gain and on the other hand you have owners of huge, job-creating private American corporation......

Why do liberals hate the good guys?