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Midland States Bancorp to Participate in 2017 KBW Community Bank Investor Conference

A copy of the investor presentation that will be used at the conference will be made available on the Webcasts and Presentations page in the Investor Relations section of the Company's website.

About Midland States Bancorp, Inc.

Midland States Bancorp, Inc. is a community-based financial holding company headquartered in Effingham, Illinois, and is the sole shareholder of Midland States Bank.  As of June 30, 2017, the Company had total assets of $4.5 billion and its Wealth Management Group had assets under administration of approximately $1.9 billion.  Midland provides a full range of commercial and consumer banking products and services, merchant credit card services, trust and investment management, and insurance and financial planning services. In addition, commercial equipment leasing services are provided through Heartland Business Credit, and multi-family and healthcare facility FHA financing is provided through Love Funding, Midland's non-bank subsidiaries. For additional information, visit or follow Midland on LinkedIn at .

Money Woes Halt Veterans Parade In Hartford

With the U.S. military engaged in Afghanistan for nearly 16 years and recovering from a lengthy war in Iraq, veterans returning home need financial help with medical treatment, finding a job or refurbishing a home to accommodate a handicap, he said.

“More and more veterans organizations are requesting funding,” Lilley said. “The dollars they have to give to charitable organizations are dwindling.”

The parade, which costs about $100,000, was funded mostly through corporate donations and individual contributions, he said. It recently featured about 3,000 marchers and drew thousands of spectators.

“It’s been tough for the past couple years,” said Laura Soll, a spokeswoman for the parade. “There were less and less spectators, I think, because it’s in November, and we have World War II veterans — they’re fewer and fewer.”

Organizers shortened the parade route to cut costs after the reduced contributions last year.

"The Connecticut Veterans Day Parade has been a longstanding and proud tradition in the City of Hartford, and as a veteran I have always valued that tradition deeply," Mayor Luke Bronin said in a statement Wednesday nignt. "While I’m saddened that the parade will not be taking place his year, I respect the decision of the parade organizers and I’m grateful to them for all that they have done. The City of Hartford always stands ready to partner with the Connecticut Veterans Fund, and I’m hopeful that the parade may return in the years ahead."

Why do liberal s Love a Wall Street hedge fund billionaire like George Soros but hate the Koch brothers?

Lets see, on one hand you have a man that intentionally destroys currency for personal gain and on the other hand you have owners of huge, job-creating private American corporation......

Why do liberals hate the good guys?