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To RP Salazar, with Love

Funding provided by: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting National Endowment for the Arts In partnership with POV In January 2007, Rachel P ...

Fantasy-Sports Sites Curtail Ad Spending


The advertising boom increased brand recognition and the number of users enormously. FanDuel’s revenue nearly doubled to about $100 million in 2015, from $57 million 2014, according to the company. But the cost of the ads was enormous—an estimated $174 per new user at DraftKings and $123 per new user at FanDuel, according to Eilers & Krejcik. —which meant operating losses at both companies last year.

The ads also created a backlash. Users began to become concerned by reports that they could be taken advantage of by more skilled players. Both companies say that they have been rolling out more features aimed at trying to quell concerns, such as more ways to play against friends and protections for new players.

More problematic was that several state attorneys general, including in New York and Texas, investigated the sites and said they violated state gambling laws, which led the sites to stop operating in some important states.

The companies insist that their products don’t violate gambling laws, because the games involve skill.

Kentucky Agriculture Development Fund boosts Appalachian small farmer loan fund with $200000 grant

And $25,000 to Grow Appalachia for technical assistance.

The loan fund, which helps small producers grow nutritional foods so they can move into commercial production, was initially established in 2015 through a $200,000 grant from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund. KHIC is the project manager for the SOAR Small Production Loan Fund and oversees program investments.

Original estimates projected that it would take two years to fully invest the original $200,000. However, demand was so great and the proposals from Eastern Kentucky farmers in the SOAR region were so strong that all the funds were loaned in eight months.

“The Kentucky Highlands loan program continues to have a positive and lasting impact on the growth and development of eastern Kentucky,” said Warren Beeler, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy. “This loan program is a sustainable source of financing that will directly benefit local producers for years to come. The members of the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board are proud to partner with such an innovative organization like Kentucky Highlands to support the expanded growth and diversification of eastern Kentucky agriculture.”

Why do liberal s Love a Wall Street hedge fund billionaire like George Soros but hate the Koch brothers?

Lets see, on one hand you have a man that intentionally destroys currency for personal gain and on the other hand you have owners of huge, job-creating private American corporation......

Why do liberals hate the good guys?