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To RP Salazar, with Love

Funding provided by: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting National Endowment for the Arts In partnership with POV In January 2007, Rachel P ...

National festival selects Ballard High School's Digital Filmmaking Program for IMAX grant

“We selected programs that produced quality content in the voice of young people that’s raw and meaningful to their peers. We have a library of content of about 5,000 films and identified programs that consistency submitted quality work. We also looked at schools that we have relationships with and that we count on to mentor the students to produce the best films possible,” said Tom Oliva, All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF) Executive Director.

“Our focus is to inspire young filmmakers and for them to be able to exercise their talents while focusing on important issues like the environment,” Ann Sommerlath, SVP, Corporate Communications, IMAX Corp. “Ultimately, what we want to do with the grants is to allow young film makers to hone their talent and inspire change, and we would of course love for them to work in the IMAX format.”

Being awarded grants, the schools will create short films that address UN’s 2030 sustainability agenda following their development goals that include bringing attention to climate change, water consecration and forest conservation.

This Longtime Hickman Mills Teacher Has Witnessed Economic Slide In The District


Marcia Pitts lets her 4th graders know they have a big job ahead of them on this Tuesday. Open house at Ingels Elementary School is scheduled for the next evening, and Pitts is preparing her students to write a short essay. The best of their work, she says, will be posted on the bulletin board outside of her room to show to parents.


The essay assignment is biographical, and Pitts has written a sample about herself.


“Let me tell you about Ms. Pitts,” it begins. “I am a 4th grade teacher at Ingels. Let me begin by saying I love to travel. I enjoy being on the beach.”


With the dramatic flair she has used to captivate elementary students for more than four decades, Pitts expounds on her theme.


“If you want to see a happy 4th grade teacher, put me on the beach,” she tells her class. “Oh, to hear the surf, to breathe the smell of salt water, to feel the sand between my toes. It’s so peaceful. It’s so relaxing. I could live on the beach, I really could.”

Why do liberal s Love a Wall Street hedge fund billionaire like George Soros but hate the Koch brothers?

Lets see, on one hand you have a man that intentionally destroys currency for personal gain and on the other hand you have owners of huge, job-creating private American corporation......

Why do liberals hate the good guys?