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Lex Capital raises initial $128 mln for fourth energy fund

Lex Capital Management has secured $127.5 million in committed capital in the first close of its fourth energy private equity fund.

Lex Energy Partners LP IV , targeted at $200 million, was backed by a range of North American limited partners, according to a news release. They included individuals, foundations, family offices and institutional investors.

Fund IV will maintain Lex’s strategy of providing seed, growth or acquisition capital to private early-stage oil and gas companies operating in Western Canada.

The firm typically seeks ownership positions of 5 percent to 25 percent.

Executive Chair Craig Lothian said the capital raised will enable continued sourcing and funding of new management teams and opportunities “in what is at or near the bottom of the commodity-price cycle.”

Since its inception in 2009, Lex has raised more than $417 million across four energy funds and one diversified fund.

Conducting a Capital Increase: Share or Participation Certificate?

The investment volume in the form of crowdfunding in Switzerland has multiplied rapidly since 2008 from 0.1m Swiss Francs to a total of 374.5m Swiss Francs. While access to the capital market has so far been easier for listed companies than for non-listed ones, technological progress has also created increasing opportunities for SMEs to gain more efficiency in the course of capital increases.

With the launch of the daura platform, companies are now able to keep their shareholder register online and – thanks to the underlying blockchain technology – entirely automated. Changes in capital can thus be carried out much more easily. In addition to the widespread form of the share, the participation certificate (short “PC”) should not be disregarded when it comes to capital procurement transactions. Although the PC can only be found sporadically in the capital of Swiss companies over the past decades, well-known examples support the view that the statement "there’s life in the old dog yet" also seems to apply to this sort of securities. The purpose of this article is therefore to compare the two previously displayed forms of securities which can be issued on daura, while the potential of PCs as a valid alternative to shares shall be accentuated.

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