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Kensington Capital

Kensington Market - Graffiti Capital of Canada

Kensington Market Toronto Graffiti, wall art and various other Kensington scenes. An informal visit and wander around Kensington Market ...

Hamilton Lane opens Toronto office led by ex-CVCA CEO Mike Woollatt

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Investors' concerns about a potential economic downturn may be good news for the private equity industry. “Early 2019 represents a pivotal point in time for the alternative assets industry,” finds a report from Preqin published earlier in April. Preqin surveyed more than 400 investors back in November to understand their current views on each asset class, the challenges they are facing and their plans for the next 12 months. “With asset valuations currently at record levels, fund managers and investors we spoke to largely agree that we are at the peak of the equity market cycle and are due a correction.” PE may prove to be a silver lining. While the public markets already began showing signs of weakening in late 2018, Preqin points out that “alternative assets weathered the storm of the last recession well.” As asset classes go, private equity is perceived as a safer haven in bad economic times. PE firms are likely to see increasing interest from investors who are preparing for a downturn, according to the survey. “Private equity is clearly delivering for institutional investors, providing strong returns that are meeting and often exceeding expectations,” said the report. “Investors remain committed to private equity, and the outlook for 2019 is positive.” Preqin released its Q1 fundraising update on April 10. "Historically, the first quarter of the year is a quieter period for fundraising; this was certainly the case for Q1 2019, as both the number of funds closed and the total capital raised declined from Q4 2018. Appetite for the asset class remains strong, though, despite concerns about a potential market downturn: 219 funds raised a combined $100 billion in Q1, in line with the $95 billion secured in Q1 2018. Where figures differ, though, is the number of funds closed in each period, with 340 funds closed in Q1 2018. Capital is becoming more concentrated among a small number of large funds."

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