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Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2.0 Cdti 131pk Business| Bouwjr. 2009 | Financial Lease Apeldoorn

08-KXK-6 180.266 km Merk: Opel Model: Insignia Type: Sports Tourer 2.0 Cdti 131pk BusinessCarrosserievorm: Stationwagon (5 drs) Bouwjaar: 2009 ...

Should Insignia Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISIG) Be Your Next Stock Pick?

Building up an investment case requires looking at a stock holistically. Today I’ve chosen to put the spotlight on Insignia Systems, Inc. ( NASDAQ:ISIG ) due to its excellent fundamentals in more than one area. ISIG is a company that has been able to sustain great financial health, trading at an attractive share price. In the following section, I expand a bit more on these key aspects. For those interested in digger a bit deeper into my commentary, read the full report on Insignia Systems here .

Flawless balance sheet and undervalued

ISIG’s strong financial health means that all of its upcoming liability payments are able to be met by its current cash and short-term investment holdings. This indicates that ISIG has sufficient cash flows and proper cash management in place, which is an important determinant of the company’s health. ISIG currently has no debt on its balance sheet. It has only utilized funding from its equity capital to run the business, which is typically normal for a small-cap company. ISIG has plenty of financial flexibility, without debt obligations to meet in the short term, as well as the headroom to raise debt should it need to in the future. ISIG’s shares are now trading at a price below its true value based on its discounted cash flows, indicating a relatively pessimistic market sentiment. Investors have the opportunity to buy into the stock to reap capital gains, if ISIG’s projected earnings trajectory does follow analyst consensus growth, which determines my intrinsic value of the company. Also, relative to the rest of its peers with similar levels of earnings, ISIG’s share price is trading below the group’s average. This bolsters the proposition that ISIG’s price is currently discounted.

Mango Life closes US$300 thousand round from Banregio’s CEO

Contxto – Following exclusive correspondence, we recently learned that Banregio’s CEO, Manuel Rivero Zambrano, has invested US$300 thousand into Mexican Insurtech provider, Mango Life . The seed round will propel the startup’s growth and strengthen its presence in Mexico.

In Summary

Mango Life is looking forward to expanding throughout Mexico following the investment round completion. With its innovative and advanced UX, the company’s objective is to prove to consumers the benefits of purchasing and managing online insurance.

To accomplish this, the Insurtech business will offer services to SMEs to further develop its reach. Some of these partners have reportedly implemented a beta version to test the waters.

Funds will also go towards launching simplified digital health insurance plans, which would increase Mango Life’s portfolio to three products. These include life insurance, retirement savings, and soon to be health insurance.


Did you know the terrorists hate America because we support the Jews?

Roots of the U.S.-Israel Relationship
By Mitchell G. Bard


Today, the United States and Israel are the closest of friends and allies.

I don't let my enemies pick my friends either.

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