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Global Financial Crisis Explained

The Short and Simple Story of the Credit Crisis. By Jonathan Jarvis. The goal of giving form to a complex situation like the ...

Four GuardHill employees allegedly stole client data from ex-employer: lawsuit

Emic, known until 2014 as Apple Mortgage Corp., has sued the employees before.

In December 2013, Apple Mortgage filed a lawsuit in federal court on the same grounds, seeking $15 million in damages. The suit was dismissed by a federal judge in February because Apple Mortgage sold its assets in February 2014 to Sterling National Bank, and Apple Mortgage’s claims were not part of that transaction. The judge also dismissed the defendants’ counterclaims, in which they argued that they were collectively owed $182,639 in unpaid commission.

In a statement, GuardHill denied the allegations and said the suit was being brought by a “defunct mortgage company.”

“Apple pursued this matter in Federal court, only to see all of its claims dismissed, in their entirety, earlier this year,” the company said. “GuardHill and the other defendants deny any misconduct, deny that Apple – which went out of business shortly after the employees left – was damaged in any way, and will move to dismiss this new lawsuit.

For some young buyers, stock options are the ticket to entering the NYC market

Many millennials are finally becoming homeowners — thanks to lenders who are adapting to a more sophisticated pool of buyers.

The use of stock options and other assets has helped borrowers boost their income levels to qualify for pricey apartments in the city, according to agents and lenders. The shift has highlighted changes in how compensation packages are structured — and how that’s delayed some buyers’ purchases.

“When you deal with New York City, you’re dealing with more sophisticated buyers,” said Ace Watanasuparp, a vice president at Citizens Bank. As more companies offer payouts that include stock options, “banks are figuring out how to utilize it,” he said.

It’s particularly popular among millennials, he said, especially those who work in the technology and finance industries. Citizens accepts stock options toward income level if they’re able to be liquidated and the employee is expected to continue receiving them, Watanasuparp said.