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News to Use: Consumer bureau issues report about first-time homebuyers

WASHINGTON — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently released a report focusing on mortgages made to first-time homebuyers who are serving in the armed forces or are veterans.

The bureau’s report is the first time researchers have been able to provide a description and analysis of service members’ mortgage choices and mortgage performance, both during and after the housing crisis of the last decade.

When buying a house, service members, both on active duty and veterans, have the option of taking out a home loan that is partially guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. VA-guaranteed home loans differ from other mortgages in several ways, including allowing a purchase with no down payment and without mortgage insurance. Service members may also choose other mortgage products, including conventional loans or loans by a different government agency.

The report spans the years leading up to and after the housing crisis.

KBRA Assigns Preliminary Ratings to FREMF 2019-K91 and Freddie Mac Structured Pass-Through Certificates K-091

)--Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) is pleased to announce the assignment of preliminary ratings to nine classes of FREMF Series 2019-K91 mortgage pass-through certificates and five classes of Freddie Mac structured pass-through certificates (SPCs), Series K-091 (see ratings list below). FREMF Series 2019-K91 is a $1.4 billion CMBS multi-borrower transaction. Freddie Mac will guarantee six classes of certificates issued in the underlying Series 2019-K91 securitization and will deposit the guaranteed underlying certificates into a separate trust that will issue the SPCs.

The underlying transaction is collateralized by 61 fixed-rate multifamily mortgage loans. The loans have principal balances that range from $1.2 million to $142.0 million. The largest exposure is represented by Square Station (10.3%), a 710-unit, Class-A, high-rise multifamily complex located in Miami, Florida, approximately two miles north of the city’s CBD. The five largest loans represent 26.8% of the cut-off date balance and also include Shadow Oaks Apartments (4.8%), MHC Crossed Loans Portfolio (4.3%), Riverpark Towers & River’s Edge Student Apartments (4.0%), and Wimbledon Square (3.5%). The assets are located in 31 states, with the three largest concentrations in Florida (18.0%), California (14.0%), and North Carolina (9.4%).

How can I determine if my home was/is GUARANTEED by fannie mae and or freddy mac?

In reguards to the new stimulis , your home mortgage must be guaranteed by fanny and/or freddy, how can I research to find out if my home and mortgage were gauranteed by these entities.

A loan officer can tell after doing a credit check for you.

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