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First Meridian Mortgage Corporation Holiday Party - 12/17/2010

First Meridian Mortgage Company Holiday Party at the Pantelaras Residence in Tampa, FL - 12/17/2010

Introducing motusbank: The fresh, new banking alternative for digitally-savvy Canadians

Fastest growing credit union by membership. motusbank brings Meridian's unique value proposition digitally to all Canadians.

"We think Canadians will be particularly delighted by our level of friendly, attentive service, complimented by a full suite of banking products and services," says Maurin. "Our digital platform is super simple to navigate and every member will have access to quick, courteous service through our online support and member services."

motusbank's unique offerings include end-to-end digital platforms for deposit account openings, unsecured loans and lines of credit. Its digital mortgage platform enables members and prospects to apply for and receive mortgages completely online – on their own time and at their own pace – from the application phase straight through to the receipt of funds.

"We are the first financial institution to offer a fully digital lending experience for mortgages and for unsecured lending," says Maurin. "And with the backing of Meridian, Canadians can feel confident in securing loans from an established organization with a track record of financial strength and stability.

Idaho's $40 million stake in charter school buildings

As Ken Burgess spent the 2013 session lobbying for charter schools, some of his clients were nervous.

They didn’t think Burgess had a bill that went far enough — or provided enough money — to help charter schools pay for their building needs.

Burgess preached patience. He said the bill had a “built-in escalator,” which would pay off in time.

The numbers bear this out. The charter facilities budget line item has grown annually. The state has earmarked $8.8 million for the program next year — more than four times as much as the first-year appropriation.

When that money comes in, the state will have quietly spent more than $40 million in state tax dollars on charter facilities. And unlike traditional public schools, charter schools do not have to go to local taxpayers for support. The state money comes in without a vote.

The state’s support doesn’t make running a charter school “idiot-proof,” said Scott Thomson, executive director of North Idaho STEM Charter Academy in Rathdrum. But that shouldn’t be the idea.

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