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California's Latest Weapon Against Climate Change Is Low-Tech Farm Soil

Electric cars and solar panels are the most visible signs of California's ambitious climate change policies. Now the state is setting its sights on a lower-tech way to cut carbon emissions: soil.

It's spending millions of dollars to help farmers grow plants, which absorb carbon and help move it into the soil where it can be stored long-term. This makes California home to some of the first official "carbon farmers" in the country.

Not that almond grower Jose Robles thinks of himself that way.

Climate is something they talk about in Sacramento, the state capital, he says, not around Modesto, where he lives and works.

But in December, the ground under Robles' almond trees was a carpet of green, full of mustard plant and clover. It's not a common sight in the Central Valley. After all, most farmers hate weeds.

"Everybody wants to have the orchards nice and clean," Robles says.

His neighbors really don't understand it.

"I've heard them say, 'We're in the business of growing almonds, not in the business of growing weeds,' " he says, laughing.

Pro-Maduro Court Orders Arrest Of Prominent Opposition Leader Leopoldo López

Venezuela's top court issued an arrest warrant Thursday for Leopoldo López, a prominent opposition figure who appeared at a key rally Tuesday next to Juan Guaidó, leader of the movement against President Nicolás Maduro.

After Guaidó appeal to the military to revolt, López, who had escaped house arrest after two years, sought refuge along with his family at the Spanish embassy in Caracas.

Guaidó is regrouping amid signs that his U.S.-backed campaign to oust Maduro is losing momentum.

Meanwhile, Maduro led a military parade through Caracas Thursday morning, thanking the troops for refusing to revolt against his government.

Guaidó's push to remove Maduro triggered demonstrations and violent clashes this week, with at least four deaths reported around the country.

Dozens were injured in Wednesday's demonstrations in Caracas, as Maduro's military forces fired rubber bullets, water cannons and tear gas into crowds. The Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict reports that a 27-year-old woman and 16-year-old boy were killed as a result of the skirmishes in the capital.

How much money can one make selling merchant cash advances.?

I am thinking of getting a job with a company, either Amerimerchant or Aspen Merchant Capital. These companies all promise that you can make approx $2000 per week and I am just trying to see if it is realistic.

Is this similar to factoring? That is, providing cash based on invoices issued business to business?

Anyway, I would think you make money on a commission basis.

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