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Aspen officials look to fast track child care options

As it stands now, there are 30 licensed child care spaces available for infants, 88 for toddlers and 293 for preschoolers in Pitkin County, according to Shirley Ritter , director of the sales tax-funded Kids First program.

The situation is even more dire for infant care, she noted.

The birth rate to residents of Pitkin County in 2017 was 134 babies, and only 22% leaves 53 babies not in licensed care every year, according to Ritter.

Child care for one child in Aspen averages $68 a day, or $17,000 a year.

Waitlists exist for babies who haven’t even been conceived or born yet, child care specialists noted at Tuesday’s meeting.

Council agreed to fast track some longer term options that were presented Tuesday, including looking at child care facilities at the third phase of developing the Burlingame Ranch affordable housing neighborhood.

How much money can one make selling merchant cash advances.?

I am thinking of getting a job with a company, either Amerimerchant or Aspen Merchant Capital. These companies all promise that you can make approx $2000 per week and I am just trying to see if it is realistic.

Is this similar to factoring? That is, providing cash based on invoices issued business to business?

Anyway, I would think you make money on a commission basis.

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