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ASG Technologies Enables Enterprise Digital Transformation with Workspace 10.0

ASG Technologies has unveiled Workspaces 10.0, an end-to-end enterprise platform that gives users a virtual desktop whenever and wherever they need it to meet the needs of today's hybrid enterprises. The new release addresses the challenges of employees who are using a wider variety of applications, services and data sources on more devices and from more locations, as well as the requirement for IT-sanctioned access to information, services and applications.

According to ASG, as new services, applications, content and data sources grow, there is a critical need to incorporate these streams of information effectively. The ability to quickly build, deploy and manage web components to create custom workspaces is a key enabler of an organization's digital transformation and essential to business agility.  Workspaces 10.0 aims to enable enterprises to do this in a customized fashion—aggregating streams of information for custom cross-application functionality.

Mortgage company eases loan processing with OCR

Vintage Mortgage Group turned to technology to automate processing the many forms it handles each day, helping homebuyers purchase property in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The company, which provides consultation and loan origination services, has helped more than 14,000 families purchase homes. However, the system required manual processing of dozens of forms each day from up to 15 different lenders and in that many formats. Vintage Mortgage Group received the loan applications and related documents as PDF files, but even digital loan documents required manual processing.

Alex Gonzalez, CEO at Vintage Mortgage Group, explains, “Each of the 15 banks we use has its own format and wording for the documentation required by Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. Plus, we have to keep up with ever-changing government regulations. For security, the PDFs from each bank were locked so we had to hand-type every document into Microsoft Word to create a loan origination form that complied with each bank’s internal rules and the latest regulations.”