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Enterprise IT Leaders to Gather at ASG Technologies EVOLVE Conference

The event will provide the ASG customer community with a forum for sharing best practices and lessons learned, as well as an opportunity to collaborate with ASG executives and product management leadership. Attendees will also hear from industry experts and analysts about strategies for enabling the digital enterprise.

“It’s an important time to bring together our customers and partners, as enterprises face both opportunities and challenges while looking to capitalize on the benefits of digital transformation," said Charles Sansbury, president and CEO of ASG Technologies. “Over the next couple of years, we’ll continue to see a hybrid approach to IT that marries the benefits of cloud with the ability to leverage legacy applications. We will address this strategy and others that will enable companies to grow and succeed during this time of transformation and disruption.

Revamped 2018 NBA All-Star Game format will offer plenty of drama

And with the first pick of the 2018 NBA All-Star Game team captain LeBron James selects ... Kyrie Irving?

Not bloody likely.

Thanks to the NBA’s revamped All-Star Game format the possibility of LeBron picking or more precisely not picking his former teammate adds intrigue to an event which quite frankly has become a little dull over the last few years. This new wrinkle gives the game a much-needed boost.

Credit NBA commissioner Adam Silver and the league office for capitalizing on one of the underrated strengths of its players: Creating drama.

No league does drama like the NBA. Kyrie’s breakup with LeBron was the summer’s best storyline. A year earlier, Kevin Durant’s messy divorce from Oklahoma City dominated the headlines. Next July, LeBron hits the free agent market again therefore we already know the summer of 2018 will have endless plot twists.

Until then, James can form his “super team” in February. And he can do it without circumventing the salary cap or usurping the authority of his general manager.