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The Tale of a House, and an Entire Market
They are joined in that belief by a vast majority of Americans; lending for home purchases rose from a low of $404 billion in 2011 to an estimated $652 billion last year, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. But while Americans still want to

Real Estate Industry Wary ahead of New Mortgage Rules
“This definitely affects the lower-income borrower, by far,” says Janet Gaglione, president of the Charlotte (N.C.) Regional Mortgage Lenders Association. “We're going to have very strict guidelines. This law is trying to make every lender accountable

Habitat for Humanity worries new lending law will hurt poor
Habitat for Humanity worries new lending law will hurt poor Charlotte, N.C., Habitat President Frank Spencer testified before Congress on Tuesday that the nonprofit wouldn't be able to assist as many families if it's held to new standards under the Dodd-Frank Act. The new rule, known as the “qualified mortgage

Habitat Says Lending Regulations Hinder Housing Nonprofits
Frank Spencer, president of Habitat's Charlotte, N.C., chapter, detailed the impact on his group of holding nonprofits to the “qualified mortgage” rule adopted under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which aims to prevent some of the risky lending practices

Charlotte North Carolina Houses for Sale - A Good Idea

Looking for Charlotte North Carolina Houses for Sale? Good! You should be. With an abundance of inventory and rates that are crazy, it is a ...

Mortgage Secrets That Will Save You Money

A friend told her about a nonprofit homeownership organization called the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America . Under NACA's mortgage program, Douglas took a homebuyer class, demonstrated over time that she was saving money and paid off $11,000 of credit card debt. That qualified her for a mortgage with a low down payment and no closing costs or fees.

NACA founder Bruce Marks calls the program character-based lending that looks at individual circumstances that people can control, like paying rent and bills on time. "It's going back to the old way of doing lending," he says. "She could afford the payment."

Even if you aren't in the same situation as Douglas, shopping around beyond mainstream banks can find you a better deal.

2. Find out if you qualify for a grant to help with a down payment.

If you are a first-time homebuyer — or haven't owned a home for at least a few years — you might qualify for a government grant for what's called down payment assistance, which can mean borrowing less on your mortgage.

Which are the best mortgage lenders for new homes in Charlotte, NC?

I'm looking to purchase a house in Charlotte, NC, and I would appreciate guidance as to the best mortgage lenders (best rates, most dependable).

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