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Fraud, conspiracy, ID theft: A summary of the allegations against the Kealohas

Here are the main allegations against retired Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha and his wife, Katherine, a deputy prosecutor, that are contained in the federal indictment:

>> Katherine Kealoha, while a private attorney and trustee for two minor children, in 2004 established trust funds totaling more than $167,000 for the two children, then 10 and 12, and from May 2004 to February 2012 used almost all the money in those accounts to pay personal expenses of her and her husband. The expenses included mortgage payments, home refinancing costs and loan payments. The couple misappropriated nearly $150,000 from the two accounts. Katherine Kealoha created an alias, Alison Lee Wong, to carry out the scheme.

>> Katherine Kealoha used $25,000 that her uncle, Gerard Puana, gave to her in 2007 to invest in an investment hui for personal expenses instead. To carry out the ruse, Kealoha would periodically withdraw $600 in an account holding Puana’s money and give it to him as a “return” on his investment. Those payments prompted Puana to give Kealoha $70,000 in additional funds. Instead of investing that, the Kealohas used more than $45,000 to pay personal expenses. Puana got back $23,739 as “investment returns.

PSCU Announces Winner of KnockOut 2017

Has the potential to help consumers meet their financial goals by introducing a hybrid card service that offers the rewards of credit with the security of debit.”

This year marked the sixth consecutive time PSCU has hosted KnockOut, the goal of which is to help solve a problem in the payments industry that will enable credit unions to better serve their members. The theme for this year’s competition – “Be Brilliant” – emphasized PSCU’s goal to support, protect and optimize every transaction and interaction of its Member-Owners. The event features five-person teams that have to ideate, design and present their ideas, with each team explaining its product’s function, feasibility, industry impact, time to market, cost and ROI. KnockOut focuses on helping to market and prototype real products and services.

“We look forward to seeing the breakthrough ideas generated from KnockOut each year, and this year was no exception,” said Chuck Fagan, PSCU CEO and President. “KnockOut gives us the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best and brightest people in our industry, with a goal of developing solutions to real-world problems.”