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Cartels in Australia

Lexology GTDT Market Intelligence provides a unique perspective on evolving legal and regulatory landscapes. This interview is taken from the Cartels  volume discussing topics including leniency systems, enforcement trends, judicial review and compliance developments within key jurisdictions worldwide.

GTDT: What kinds of infringement has the antitrust authority been focusing on recently? Have any industry sectors been under particular scrutiny?

Patrick Gay  and  Sarah Benbow:  The priorities of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are reflected in its Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Priorities, which is published annually. Unsurprisingly, the investigation and enforcement of cartel conduct continues to be an enduring priority for the ACCC.

In terms of priority industries, the ACCC has announced that its particular focus for 2018 will include energy (as an essential service), financial services, digital platforms, agriculture and commercial construction. The ACCC is conducting ongoing market inquiries into many of these sectors, including electricity, gas, dairy, financial services (mortgage rates and insurance) and digital platforms. These inquiries, conducted pursuant to terms of reference set by the Australian federal government, provide the ACCC with extensive powers to investigate a particular sector, including through the ability to compel market participants to provide information and documents.

I can't make my mortgage anymore, should I shortsell if possible or go into chapter 7 bankruptcy? In SLC UT

I was planning on filing for chapter 7, but my realtor suggested a shortsell since my bank will accept short sells said that would be the better option and I can still file for bankruptcy later if the shortsell does not work.

If you go bankrupt, you either lose the house or keep the debt. If you are going to lose the house, a short sale does less damage to your credit than a bankruptcy. If the bank comes after you for the difference, what you did is NOT a short sale.