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America’s homeownership rate didn’t budge in the first quarter — should you be concerned?

Americans are rattled by a tumultuous stock market : Joel Kan, vice president of economic and industry forecasts at the Mortgage Bankers Association, a trade group that represents lenders, blamed “market volatility and decline in consumer confidence.”

People are choosing to keep renting : The number of new renter households increased by nearly 500,000 year-over-year in the first quarter, according to the Census Bureau.

With home price appreciation outpacing wage growth across most of the country, it’s become harder to save up enough for a down payment and budget for all the other costs associated with owning a home.

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Younger people are not buying homes : The homeownership rate among those under the age of 35 dropped 1.1% during the first quarter, reversing the gains they had made in the past year.

However, separate analysis from the New York Fed suggested that the share of buyers who are purchasing a home for the first time has actually remained “relatively stable.

Monday Business Briefs: Aspen area firms wins awards, make new hires

Cunniffe was recognized for his 40-plus years in Colorado and CCA’s notable projects including the Aspen Police Department, Snowmass Fire Department and Mountain Rescue, among others. CCA was also awarded a LUXE Red Award at the awards ceremony in Napa Valley, which recognized national luxury home design. Cunniffe thanked his team for their dedication to their clients and for “continually pushing design excellence,” according to a statement.

Tiedemann Advisors adds exec

Tiedemann Advisors announced the appointment of Tricia Cunningham as senior vice president and adviser.

Cunningham joins Coley Cassidy in Tiedemann’s Aspen office. Cunningham come from Wells Fargo, where she led the Aspen Private Mortgage office after establishing the Aspen Private Bank. She has worked as a senior private banker, private mortgage lender for high-dollar complex loans, financial adviser and CPA.

Aravinda makes $3450 a month before taxes, and has a monthly car?

payment of $350.
How much will a lender estimate he can spend on a mortgage payment?

Answer: a. $868
b. $966
c. $1207

That is a very long problem. This concept can be covered at the following math site:

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