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Incomes are finally outpacing housing costs in all major cities | Mortgage Rates, Mortgage News and Strategy

100 largest cities take home more cash

American incomes are on the rise. According to a new analysis, income growth has outpaced housing costs in all 100 of the country’s biggest cities.

Verify your new rate (May 22nd, 2019) Take-home cash on the rise

A new analysis from MagnifyMoney shows that incomes are finally outpacing housing cost growth. In fact, in all 100 of the nation’s largest metros, the median household has the most post-housing cash in three years.

And that’s true for both homeowners and renters.

As MagnifyMoney’s Elyssa Kirkham explains, “Compared to three years ago, the typical household in these cities has more money left over after paying for housing. In other words, even though housing costs have risen over the last three years, the dollar amount of wages have grown faster and exceeded the dollar pricing increases for both renting and owning a home.”

In San Francisco, homeowners have $12,178 more left over after housing costs, while renters have $9,982 more.

Where Democrats And Republicans Live In Your City

— The share of votes that went to one of the two major parties, ignoring third-party votes and write-in candidates. Many of those urban areas aren’t small, tightly packed areas like Manhattan but sprawling, low-density regions like Phoenix, say, or Jacksonville, Florida.

Across the country, Republicans in urban areas are more likely to be found in the less-centralized, lower-density neighborhoods. “Even if you look within the same census tract or the same ZIP code or the same precinct, and even if you’re in a place like Manhattan, Republicans will search out the less-dense part to live in,” said Steven Webster, a political scientist at Washington University.

That complicates what we tend to hear about Americans’ political segregation, which is often defined in sweeping urban vs. rural terms. Lily Geismer, a professor of political and urban history at Claremont McKenna College, said the old red-blue dichotomy has “actually been replaced by this kind of urban-rural split.” But that way of looking at things isn’t as nuanced as it needs to be, she said. Describing political polarization as urban vs. rural ignores all the forces that tug people apart within urban areas.

The Best Large/Major City for Education?

I Want to Raise My Family in the Largest and Major City Metro But With That Focus, I Also Want My Child(ren) to Have The Very Best Education Possible
(Undecided If I Will Choose Private or Public School)
I am Processing for The U.S.

I you are looking at major metropolitan areas (NY, LA, Chicago), private school is going to be your best bet, unless you are willing to travel a little bit out to the suburbs.

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