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Savana Inc. Releases New Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) Form Integration

. "Since the new requirements fundamentally changed the borrower structure of a loan application, we spent a lot of time making these changes to ensure that our clients experience zero impact to their production pipeline. I'm happy to say we were able to fully support both versions of the URLA and get this update out to our clients ahead of schedule."

The new URLA application is very borrower-focused and allows for much more flexibility than before. Questions are more tailored to the borrower's personal financial history while lender-answered questions have moved to a separate part of the form. Savana's newly developed application also features a new user interface that streamlines this process, so lenders have an easier, more natural experience.

"Savana strives to be the best technology partner our clients have," said Jackson. "I think, with this release, we are living up to that expectation.

How would I make a program/app that calculates monthly mortgage loan?

The input will be loan amount, period of the loan in years, and interest rate. The output will be the monthly payment and total interest paid for the duration of the loan.

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