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Lenders Look to Technology Solutions to Increase Profitability

As profit margins have continued to shrink, mortgage lenders have been seeking to utilize technology to reduce their production expenses which involve in part transmitting large volumes of data among several interconnected parties such as consumers, investors, service provider, and others.  In an article in the Fannie Mae Perspectives blog the company's Vice President for Digital Products, Prabhakar Bhogaraju, writes that "Businesses are increasingly leveraging digital technologies to reduce errors and costs, transact faster, and drive a richer and better customer experience. Over the past few years, technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, APIs, and document digitization have gained traction, enabling digital transformation.

How would I make a program/app that calculates monthly mortgage loan?

The input will be loan amount, period of the loan in years, and interest rate. The output will be the monthly payment and total interest paid for the duration of the loan.

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