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Direct homebuyer Opendoor getting into mortgage business | 2017 ...

The company now operates in Las Vegas and Atlanta.

And as it turns out, that’s not the only way that Opendoor plans to expand; the company is also getting into the mortgage business.

The company is currently piloting a mortgage program in Phoenix, touting its ability to save homebuyers when they buy one of Opendoor’s properties.

Opendoor, which launched in 2014, operates by buying homes directly from sellers, then turning around and selling the homes on its own marketplace.

A homeowner seeking to sell their home can go to Opendoor, enter details about their home, and get a near-instant price quote for the home.

If the seller accepts, Opendoor then allows the seller to close on the sale when they’re ready, rather than on the timeline of another buyer.

From there, Opendoor makes any necessary repairs or upgrades, then sells the home through its marketplace.

According to the details provided by the company, more than 3,500 Phoenix homeowners have bought and sold homes with Opendoor. While that figure may not be earth-shattering, consider the company’s growth in just the last few years.

JW Mortgage Group Offers “A Better Way Home” for Homebuyers

Orlando, FL - After nearly 25 years working in corporate offices in the mortgage business, JW Mortgage Group’s Owner and President saw a need to make the stressful mortgage process easier for his clients. He began JW Mortgage Group in 2017 with the goal of remaining client-focused, adaptable, and up to date on the technology and tools that offer a better experience when it comes to home financing.

JW Mortgage offers Fixed Rate, FHA, VA, and Jumbo loans. They also have programs designed for Real Estate Investors and Foreign National borrowers. Along with providing basic financing services, JW Mortgage maintains a strong focus on helping its clients find the particular financing package that is right for their needs. The company only offers attainable financing with competitive interest rates. “My goal for my company is to do the right thing for the right reasons every time,” says Jon Woods, Owner and President of JW Mortgage Group

What are the best first time homebuyers mortgage programs today??

Lots of programs designed to assist with the goal of a home purchase.

Try a local mortgage broker, shop online such as Washington Mutual, Countrywide and make some comparisons.