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Oscar Rivera - Guadalupe Credit Union Member, Small Business Owner

Oscar Rivera of Pizza Etc. in Santa Fe, NM shares his story of becoming a homeowner and small business owner with a little help from his friends ...

Fashion fear? No way

The approaching change of seasons means more than shorter days, or the transition of the green countryside into aspen gold. It's also time to reevaluate your wardrobe, putting aside your warm weather cottons in exchange for cozy autumn hues and luxe fabrics.

Luckily, it's also time for the second annual "Fashion-Taos Style" show hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region Taos/Colfax. As the models take to the runway, the latest season's couture from designers Patricia Michaels, Trish Sereda and Linda St. Angelo will capture your eye and, perhaps, find a home in your closet.

The gala event takes place this Saturday (Sept. 1), 5-8 p.m., at the Taos Country Club, 54 Country Club Drive, Ranchos de Taos. Tickets are $50 and include the fashion show, a meet-and-greet with the designers and a sumptuous dinner. A silent auction and the opportunity to purchase the designers' merchandise will also attract many.

KKTC's Elle Hover ("Elle in the Morning") will be your emcee for the evening, and DJ Miles Bonney will energize the catwalk and ignite the party.

Often unnoticed, Everyday Heroes inspire across community

There are heroes all over this community, lifting up those us of who need some support.

You might not know their names because they don’t seek recognition. Instead, they quietly provide a meal to someone who is hungry, pay off school lunch bills when families can’t afford them, or help women seeking jobs by helping them be their very best selves.

For the second year, the Dispatch Media Group will honor community members who selflessly use their time to make their neighborhoods, their cities and the world a better place.

The Everyday Heroes program highlights those who often don’t receive the credit they deserve. The 25 semifinalists and finalists will inspire and impress.

One man dedicates nearly all of his time to modifying go-karts so that children with disabilities can enjoy some freedom. A doctor leaves his shift in an emergency department and heads to schools to talk with kids about the dangers of drug abuse. A woman who lost her own daughter helps sick children find peace and hope through music and art.

can someone please translate this?

its a spanish project and we have to create a website and translate all this stuff to spanish. its due tommorow and my grandma and grandpa are asleep :P so i cant ask them for help and the computer is usually wrong...

Voy a Austin High y soy estudiante de decimo año. Mi primer año de high school fui a San Juan Diego Catholic High School. No me gusto así que me traslade a mi escuela actual. Vivo con mis abuelos. Los amo tanto!

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