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Oscar Rivera - Guadalupe Credit Union Member, Small Business Owner

Oscar Rivera of Pizza Etc. in Santa Fe, NM shares his story of becoming a homeowner and small business owner with a little help from his friends ...

SDV Construction lands top spot for small businesses

“We put a lot of effort into that because we want to make sure our folds are going home after work,” said company founder and president Kirk McWethy.

In addition to its top pay, SDV pays 100% of employees health and dental insurance, offers a 401K while matching 4%. It also has a profit-sharing plan and annual bonuses are a regular occurrence when goals are met.

SDV also is a veteran-friendly business as both McWethy and Farless are retired military.

“Our goal is to help the veteran community,” McWethy said. “We give a lot of money to veterans organizations. We established a $25,000 scholarship a year ago at UNM for veterans getting into construction management and we hope to get them in our field and utilize them. We’re always trying to hire veterans and help them grow in our organization. Why not? They’re great people and they have a great work ethic.”

Founded in 2005, SDV not only weathered the downturn, but actually grew during it.

The power to succeed | 2019-01-30

That way tribal members who don’t have the means to go off-site can meet with the coach regularly to work on their financial goals, she says.

While the pueblo builds its housing infrastructure, the credit union works with residents to get them on track with their finances through education and better loans, including Guadalupe’s predatory debt relief program, Sandoval says.

That relationship is just one example of how Sandoval-Griego steps outside the credit union’s walls to develop programs that assist the community with their financial needs.

She’s also worked with the Santa Fe Farmers Market to develop a program to provide financial education to farmers and to provide funds through a micro-lending program.

Plus, a predatory debt relief program provides consolidation loans for members who are stuck in a predatory debt cycle, along with financial coaching.

Sandoval-Griego’s latest effort: Bringing community providers together to assist grandparents who must raise their grandchildren due to the opioid crisis. These grandparents don’t always know what resources are available, or they’re hesitant to seek assistance for fear of outing the children.

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