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Arizona Wholesale Mortgage here... Just having some fun with our super low mortgage rates and a little fun with our Arizona mortgage competition ...

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Quicken Loans/United Wholesale drama continues


The drama has sparked a real debate among HousingWire readers this week. Our inbox has been flooded with readers weighing in on the big-lender-versus-independent-broker debate in what we’ve come to call the “Battle for the Borrower.”

It seems the battle will rage on, as sources tell us there’s more dirt to come. Stay tuned as HousingWire gives a voice to both sides, and don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us what you think of it all.

Also, in case you missed it, Federal Reserve  Chair Jerome Powell defended the Fed’s approach to monetary policy in a speech Friday at the Jackson Hole symposium. 

“I see the current path of gradually raising interest rates as the FOMC's approach to taking seriously both of these risks,” Powell said in his opening remarks, referring to the risks of moving to slow and risking a destabilizing overheating versus moving too fast and shortening the expansion.