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Robot Chicken: It's A Trap! Hitler Style!

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World's debt to finance laid out in 'Money Changes Everything'

FINANCE, especially when stripped to its bare essentials of borrowing and lending, had long been viewed with suspicion in China.

As traditional Chinese society placed a high premium on production (agriculture) and self-sufficiency, borrowing was discouraged and resorted to only in a crisis.

This has dramatically changed over the past decade, as finance evolved into an esoteric, respected and highly-profitable art, as well as a coveted career path for many of the country’s top students.

Given the soaring house prices in top-tier cities like Shanghai, those who have taken out huge mortgage loans are envied today, and I have even heard of couples temporarily divorcing just to secure mortgage loans.

On a much larger scale, a host of Chinese cities are attempting to build themselves into regional and global financial centers, and going to great lengths to recruit financial talent from Wall Street as part of efforts to engineer fresh growth.

In the once-maligned world of finance, major paradigm shifts appear to be taking place all around us.

The Bulldozer Files: Developers and LA Politicians Show Years-Long Love for Skullduggery and Rules Bending

From March, June, September and December 2007, show that requests to increase housing density or square footage rolled in at about 260 annually, slowing only as the mortgage crisis hit. Retired Zoning Administrator Jon Perica explains that while the sought-after density increases are subjected to design, environmental and compatibility review, “the Planning Department historically approves about 90 percent.” 

For anyone paying attention, and very few people are, LoGrande’s decisions — buttressed by the rulings of seven area planning commissions populated with Villaraigosa’s appointees — are why some corners of the city are taller and more congested than 10 years ago, even neighborhoods whose legally binding zoning plans were supposed to achieve the opposite. 

What’s worse, politicians and bureaucrats regularly pushed forward land-use policies that dramatically altered neighborhoods with little public debate or transparency. One of the few elected officials that spoke out about such secret governing was longtime LA County supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky. 

How many Czars does it take for Obama to rule America with an iron fist and a hammer and sickle?

Will his National Security Force become his enforcer? Where in the Constitution are these individuals given authority?

1. Technology Czar: Aneesh Chopra.
2. Drug Czar: Gil Kerlikowske.
3. Copyright Czar: Not appointed yet.

How many dim witting right wingers will be confused by a metaphoric job title?