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Robot Chicken: It's A Trap! Hitler Style!

me an idiot for not spelling trap correctly, it was indeed intentional. ... Yodas Hut ... admiral ackbar hitler robot chicken rick roll star wars ...

Syrian Weapons Arrive in Mafia Port

ROME, Italy — Gioia Tauro is one of the most dangerous port towns in all of southern Italy, but when 700 metric tons of Syrian chemical weapons and their precursors arrive there on Wednesday, it may briefly be perilous on an apocalyptic scale no one ever anticipated.

For one or two days, mustard gas and the active ingredients of sarin and VX nerve gases will be transferred slowly, delicately, from one ship to another in the port. The international agencies involved say there is no reason to worry about the pervasive presence of the Calabrian mafia known as ‘Ndrangheta in Gioia Tauro. They say the port handles hazardous materials 365 days a year. But the sensitivity of what’s going on there now is hard to overstate.

The good news is that the shipment marks the end—or almost—of the drama about Syria’s chemical weapons that began so horribly last August, when hundreds of men, women and children died in nerve gas attacks near Damascus . After U.S. President Barack Obama threatened military action and the Russians stepped in to mediate, Syrian President Bashar Assad agreed to declare all the chemical weapons he had and allow them to be destroyed.

This One Fund Owns Nearly 75% Of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings

When a fund holds a small amount of a given stock, it can much more easily change course if new developments challenge the original investment thesis, i.e. the fund can quickly sell that small holding. Selling a few thousand shares of AAPL for instance will do very little to disrupt the day’s share price. But if a fund owns an enormous percentage of a company’s outstanding shares and suddenly decides it wants to sell out, that isn’t always so easy a feat to accomplish unless there are willing buyers ready to soak up the extra shares.

Funds are keenly aware of this fact, so the decision to accumulate a very high percentage of the outstanding shares of a given company is not something done lightly. In fact, logic would dictate that a fund would only do such a thing if they have a very high level of confidence in their investment thesis.

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With this in mind, we at Holdings Channel , have reviewed 3,692 13-F filings for the 03/31/2014 reporting period, and screened out those stocks where a very high percentage of the shares outstanding are reported to be held by a single fund.

How many Czars does it take for Obama to rule America with an iron fist and a hammer and sickle?

Will his National Security Force become his enforcer? Where in the Constitution are these individuals given authority?

1. Technology Czar: Aneesh Chopra.
2. Drug Czar: Gil Kerlikowske.
3. Copyright Czar: Not appointed yet.

How many dim witting right wingers will be confused by a metaphoric job title?

Lawsuit: Admiral Mortgage Inc. Excessive Fees

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the second mortgage lender for allegedly charging excessive fees on its secondary mortgage loans and other predatory lending practices. The class action suit alleges Admiral violated Maryland's Secondary Mortgage Loan Law. Complaint If you were charged excessive fees on your secondary mortgage, you may qualify for damages or remedies that may be awarded in a possible class action lawsuit. Please click the link below to submit your complaint and we will have a lawyer review your Admiral Mortgage Inc. Register your Admiral Mortgage Inc....

Lawsuit: Mortgage Lenders in Maryland Predatory Lending

The lawsuit alleges the lenders violated Maryland laws by charging excessive loan origination fees, collecting inflated fees for recording loans and illegally assessing penalties for repaying loans early. The class claims the mortgage lenders instigated predatory lending practices in the state of Maryland by charging excessive or illegal fees. , Admiral Mortgage Inc. A class action lawsuit has been filed against American Mortgage Express Corp.