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Greater Things Outreach Center moves, expands
Debra Berrier, wife of Roger and one of Bethesda's volunteers, said she and other church members were inspired by reading the book "Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream" by David Platt. Others felt moved to assist with meals for 

Houses for Sale in Fredericksburg, VA Now Marketed to Buyers Online by Top ...
The Atlantic Home Buyers company provides the American public with ways to purchase homes in the state of Virginia without using realty companies. This company Stop Wasting Your Money on Rent and Discover the Dream Of Home Ownership Today!

The Helen Oliveri Team Had It's Best Year Ever in 2013 Breaking 53+ Million in ...
“Even with the market's challenges, it's incredibly gratifying to work with our clients to achieve their real estate goals. Helping people find their dream home as well as helping them sell their properties for top dollar with short market time and

Wastewater ordinance still under review
Linda Johnson, realtor with American Dream Realty, said although the property transfer certificate proposal sounds good on paper, it's a logistical nightmare. "I'm dead set against it because it seems unenforceable," she said. "They want the realtors

American Dream Realty Presents 12 Country Lane

Fabulously updated, on a quiet CulDeSac nestled among majestic redwoods sits the home of your dreams. Built with the busy family in mind featuring ...

Does Elvis Presley symbolize the worst of America?

What was your ambition with The King? What did you want to explore?

Above all I wanted to take a very long and impassioned look at the American Dream. The better way to look at it, people have asked me, ‘What brought you to want to look at Elvis Presley together with the American dream?’ To me they were inextricable at the start. I can’t imagine a single person more identifiable in the world to the American dream than Elvis Presley. So then the question just became, ‘What is the American dream?’ And as we stand now at a time when what American means is so in question. What this country stands for. Where we are compared to where we came from. There are people that will say, ‘My God, everything that has happened in this era is such a departure from all the great and good that America has done before.' And other people will say, ‘What great and good are you talking about? This is the same country that commited genocide against Native Americans. This is the same country that enslaved African Americans and then stole in a continuing way from African Americans. This is the same country where women couldn’t vote. It has always been this way.’ So there’s a debate to be had about whether what we are seeing is the real America or a departure from the real America. Or something in between. And it was that, what is the meaning of the American dream that I wanted to understand more.

Does this essay flow?

Parents are the best teachers when it comes to their children’s careers. For generations, our parents have been taught to go straight to college after high school, in hopes of landing the perfect job.

Your general subject is fine, but the way you write not so much.
The way you have laid out your essay is very messy. You need to gather your thoughts before putting pen to paper.