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The U.S. residential mortgage industry faces many challenges including the need for updated technology to drive efficiency; reduce overall cost; streamline work flow; and simplify loan origination and servicing processes. There are also concerns among mortgage market practitioners regarding customer identity protection and secondary market trading. Finzat intends to develop a blockchain mortgage collateral management system with one or more U.S. Housing Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) in various regions in the United States. These partnerships will provide strong validation for the anticipated 2018 ICO offering.

Finzat’s product is a streamlined digitized mortgage process that will be compliant with U.S. regulatory requirements, GSE procedures and protocols and SAFE: S impler, A uditable, F ault tolerant, and E fficient. The initial phase will be to capture and manage collateral and compliance data specific to such documents utilizing blockchain technology, eventually followed by a fuller range of mortgage documents and processes. Finzat will combine current advances in mortgage digital processes and latest blockchain technology to create a proprietary end-to-end solution.

These 2 Stocks May Lose Favor With Investors: Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corporation (WMC), FORM Holdings ...

Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corporation (NYSE:WMC) shares ended at $10.06 with 0.14 mln shares exchanging hands. That puts the market capitalization at $420.01 mln. It opened the session with a $10.06 price tag, later ranging from $10.05 to $10.12, the range at which the stock has traded at throughout the day. The stock stands nearly -9.78% off versus the 52-week high and 6.68% away from the 52-week low. The number of shares currently owned by investors are 41.75 mln.

Sell-side analyst recommendations point to a short term price target on the shares of Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corporation (WMC). The consensus rating is 3, suggesting the market has given up on the stock.

The current price is staying above the SMA lines which signify strength and is generally healthy/positive and may provide the momentum for driving the share price higher. Current price places the company’s stock -1.93% away from its 200-day simple moving average, -1.2%, away from the 50-day average and also 0.76% away from 20-day average.

mortgage company is a company that borrows money from a bank, lends it to investors, isn't it?

I just wonder about its capital:all the money a mortgage company uses to lend is from banks?

No, some "mortgage companies" fund their own loans.