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Brewin Dolphin buys investment adviser's client bank

The company has bought the client bank of 150 investment management clients of ClarkThompson Mortgage Finders. The existing mortgage and non life insurance business of the firm will continue as normal.

The investment adviser and co-owner of the business has decided to retire, and had an existing relationship with Brewin Dolphin’s Dundee office.

The price for the transaction has not been disclosed.

David Hogg, owner and director at Clark Thompson Mortgage Finders, said: “I was very keen to make I found the best local outlet for my clients and had no hesitation in recommending Brewin Dolphin, they are a financially strong company.”

Ian MacDonald, head of Brewin Dolphin’s Dundee office, said: “I have known David Hogg for 25 years and am very confident he ran a quality business.”

Brewin Dolphin has had an office in Dundee for the past 20 years, and employs three financial advisers.

Mr Hogg was the only investment adviser employed at Clark Thompson Mortgage Finders so no employees transfer over to Brewin Dolphin.

Third of British homeowners priced out of their own property

More than one in three UK homeowners wouldn’t be able to afford their home if it were listed on the property market at today’s value says new research, as the latest data confirms prices stutter upwards.

The Halifax House Price Index, a leading measure of the state of the property market, this week released figures showing prices in the last three months were 2.2 per cent higher than in the same period last year, with the average property now coming in at £220,962.

The figures support separate findings that suggest that a significant proportion of those who have owned their own home even for a few years would already be priced out of the market if they were to attempt the purchase again, despite historically low mortgage interest rates.

More than one in three of the 3,000 property owners surveyed by MyJobQuote said their home’s value had increased to the point that they would be unable to afford it at the current value – an average of £50,000 more than their original purchase price – or that changes to their financial circumstances would now make it impossible.

Is there any way of recieving a "finders fee" or compensation for mortgage fraud tips?

I've come across a heafty amount of information regarding mortgage fraud. I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but, there are a few jerks that I wouldn't mind being compensated for extending their fraudulent practices over to the right people.