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Mortgages: The Digital Future

Most of the financial world is already heavily invested in online distribution.

And then there’s the mortgage business.

Our industry is scampering to catch up. But catch up it will…and soon. That was the vivid takeaway from last week’s 2nd annual Digital Mortgage Conference in San Francisco.

Interest in online mortgages is getting more palpable by the year. Attendance at the show was up 30% from last year. And the Canadian contingent was bigger too, with our top banks well represented of course. Interestingly, just a handful of brokers showed up—mostly online discounters.

Yours truly was also there, jotting down nuggets of wisdom from America’s e-mortgage leaders. These were some of the highlights…


The Tipping Point is Near: “The mortgage industry is on the cusp of a significant digital revolution,” said Nick Beim, Partner of VC firm Venrock. It’s a business “ripe for disruption,” added Rebecca Lynn, from another VC firm, Canvas. Why? “Because there’s so much inefficiency you can take out of the system,” she said. That generates ample “opportunity for the entrepreneur” who’s crafty enough to build an innovative user experience.

UK House Prices Rising at Fastest Rate for Eight Months

The news will be welcome to many homeowners, who were previously facing reports of a declining housing market around the UK and especially in London. This is thought to be fuelled by uncertainty following Brexit and a spending slowdown. Halifax commented saying that lower spending as well as climbing prices could threaten future demand but maintained that the market should not be detrimentally affected by the proposed interest rate rise by the Bank of England.

Managing director of Halifax Community Bank Russel Galley said “While the quarterly and annual rates of house price growth have improved, they are lower than at the start of the year.

“UK house prices continue to be supported by an ongoing shortage of properties for sale and solid growth in full-time employment. However, increasing pressure on spending power and continuing affordability concerns may well dampen buyer demand. There has been recent speculation on the possibility of a rise in the Bank of England base rate. We do not anticipate this will have a significant effect on transaction volumes,” he said.

Is there any way of recieving a "finders fee" or compensation for mortgage fraud tips?

I've come across a heafty amount of information regarding mortgage fraud. I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but, there are a few jerks that I wouldn't mind being compensated for extending their fraudulent practices over to the right people.