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Who do mortgage brokers work for — the borrower, the banks or themselves?

"The use of loan size linked with upfront and trailing commissions for third parties can potentially lead to poor customer outcomes" he wrote then.

Before the royal commission started, all the institutions were given 50 pages to detail misconduct or behaviour falling below community standards in the previous decade.

Aussie Home Loans cleared themselves in eight short paragraphs — but didn't make that mistake twice.

In 29-pages of dense responses, Aussie said "mortgage brokers have a direct incentive to act in the best interests of customers such that there is a coincidence of interests in a well performing market".

But regulator the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) gets the last word.

Their submission sounded a bit world weary, constantly referring to their previous explorations of the field.

It rarely gets spelt out more clearly than this: "For mortgage brokers, ASIC found that some types of misaligned incentives created an unacceptable risk of poor consumer outcomes such as bonus commissions (including volume-based commissions) and bonus payments".

Average houses prices rise by 1.5% in UK in March to new record ...

The average price of a home in the UK reached £227,871 in March, a record high, having increased by 1.5% month on month, the latest index data shows.

Prices are now 2.7% higher than in March 2017, up from 1.8% annual growth recorded in February. It is the highest recorded price for the index published by lender the Halifax.

However, Russell Galley, Halifax managing director, pointed out that while mortgage are at their most affordable for years, activity levels, like house price growth, have softened compared with a year ago. Mortgage approvals are down compared to 12 months ago, whilst home sales have remained flat in the early months of the year.

‘This lack of direction in the housing market is in stark contrast to the continuing strength of the UK jobs market. The unemployment rate is now the joint lowest since 1975 and in the three months to January there were 402,000 more people in work compared to a year earlier,’ he said.

‘In the coming months we expect price

Is there any way of recieving a "finders fee" or compensation for mortgage fraud tips?

I've come across a heafty amount of information regarding mortgage fraud. I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but, there are a few jerks that I wouldn't mind being compensated for extending their fraudulent practices over to the right people.