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GH Bank has high-income earners in sight


"Competing for all quality customers is our right. We deserve to eat some big fish, not only gourami. The rationale behind GH Bank's establishment 66 years ago was extending home loans to low-income earners, but we will become smaller and weaker if we are restricted to only this mission," he said.

"Allowing us to catch snakeheads and catfish will not affect small borrowers as we can open another lane [for the new task]. Specialised financial institutions do not have an advantage over commercial banks as they are liable for corporate income tax, while we must make contributions to the government."

GH Bank is the country's largest mortgage lender with loans outstanding of 1.3 trillion baht. Home loan borrowers with up to 2 million baht in debt make up the lion's share of the bank's customers, and its highest loan is worth 7-8 million baht.

Mr Chatchai said GH Bank is set to alter its working process to enable the bank to shorten the loan approval period to overnight from 30 days. This should help the bank be more competitive in vying with commercial banks.

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