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Bank Of America Minority Home Loan Settlement - $335 Million

Bank Of America has agreed on a $335 million dollar settlement after claims that it's Countrywide Financial unit gave higher interest rate ...

3 staffers leaving biotechnology trade group

NEW TASK FORCE WILL COMBAT SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF LOBBYISTS: The National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics is starting up a new task force to fight sexual harassment in the influence industry. The task force, which is set to meet for the first time next week, will come up with “extensive recommendations” for lobbying firms to help prevent harassment and will hold a series of events that spotlight aspects of the problem, Paul Miller , a lobbyist at Miller/Wenhold Capitol Strategies and the institute’s president, told PI. While sexual harassment allegations have led several members of Congress to resign or not run for reelection, K Street has seemed less shaken than other industries by the flurry of stories on the issue that followed The New York Times’ reporting on Harvey Weinstein. “I’m honestly surprised we haven’t heard a story from our community,” Miller said.

POLITICO is committed to reporting on allegations of sexual harassment on K Street and elsewhere in Washington. Do you know of a member, a congressional staffer or a fellow lobbyist with a reputation for harassing lobbyists? Please get in touch: or .

Banks impose massive attack on Puerto Rican workers amid island-wide blackout

20 April 2018

In the midst of another island-wide electrical blackout across Puerto Rico, the island’s Financial Oversight Management Board (FOMB) met in the capital of San Juan Thursday afternoon to pass a fiscal plan that amounts to a full-scale assault on Puerto Rican workers, who are still reeling from a catastrophic hurricane in late September 2017.

The plan will eliminate thousands of jobs, enforce the privatization of both the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) and the water utility, consolidate dozens of state agencies, cut pensions by 10 to 25 percent for retired public employees, drastically reduce government subsidies to all of Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities, cut funding to the island’s only public university, cut sick leave and vacation pay by half, and eliminate mandatory Christmas bonuses, among other “cost-cutting” measures, all of which are to be placed squarely on the backs of the working class.

The final addition to the fiscal plan was the brutal attack on pensions. The slashing of pensions for retirees, among the most vulnerable layer in society, is made all the more barbarous considering that in 2014 the Puerto Rican government changed the retirement system that guaranteed public sector workers a full pension after 30 years of employment to a system that forces workers to work up to 15 additional years for full benefits. In other words, over the course of the last four years, workers have been made to stay in the workforce an additional 15 years and will now receive up to 25 percent less in benefits upon retiring.

Why did Bush ask/order fannie mae to make 440 BILLION in home loans to minorities in 2002?

I keep seeing the same lies being posted by republicans.
The govt can not force a bank to make a risky loan.
Republicans controlled congress 12 years from Jan 1995 to Jan 2007. They write or change the laws that banks have to follow.

Are you crazy.......He did not. That was all the Democrats doing. Check out what Maxine Waters said when Bush wanted oversight of FM&FM. Don't be so stupid. Research it.