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Allied Home Mortgage ordered to pay $296 million for widespread FHA fraud

Nearly six years ago, the  government sued   Allied Home Mortgage , its various entities, and its president and CEO, Jim Hodge, for $834 million, claiming the company engaged in repeated fraud against the  Federal Housing Administration over a 10-year period.

At the time, the government claimed that Allied Home Mortgage and  Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation , at Hodge’s direction, committed repeated violations of federal law by falsely certifying the quality of loans insured by the FHA, as well as violating several FHA lending rules.

Last year, after a  long legal battle , the government secured a victory against Allied Home Mortgage and Hodge, when a federal jury unanimously found Allied Home Mortgage and Hodge liable for civil mortgage fraud and awarded the United States a total of $92,982,775 in damages, including $7,370,132 against Hodge.

But the case wasn’t done yet, and as it turns out, Allied Home Mortgage and Hodge will have to pay much more than first thought.

Follow the Money: Honeywell and Cisco Invest in Theatro, Satori Makes $30M Investment; SWK Buys Enteris BioPharma

Transform the future of retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and other industries with substantial deskless workforces.

The investments are said to be the foundation for Theatro’s expanding platform interoperability and market footprint.

“Companies across a wide variety of industries are recognizing the significant customer experience and productivity benefits of a connected and engaged workforce,” Chris Todd, Theatro’s CEO, said in the statement. “Our collaborations with Cisco and Honeywell ensure that Theatro will remain at the cutting edge of both networking and mobile standards and help us bring these benefits to more organizations, in a seamless and comprehensive manner.”

Satori Capital invests $30M in Cicero Capital Partners

Dallas-based conscious capitalism investment firm Satori Capital has invested at total of $30 million in Cicero Capital Partners, LLC.

Satori, a firm with more than $1 billion in assets under management, completed the $20 million investment on April 1, then through Aug. 1,  increased the allocation to roughly $30 million, according to a statement.

Why do Obama supporters claim Hillary and Barack don't differ on policy?

They differ greatly. Look at their different stances on Iran, our allies and on national security. Look at their different economic plans. Obama has greater spending plans and is going to raise capital gains tax about 10% higher than Hillary.

I happen to think Obama has better answers to our problems. He is much more realistic. The capital gains tax only hurts rich people. Hillary wants to mandate health care coverage. That means that it will be against the law to not buy health care insurance.

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