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Gateway First Bank Appoints New Chief Mortgage Operations Officer

As Chief of Mortgage Operations, Schmidt will manage the underwriting, appraisal, closing/funding, post-closing and construction lending departments. In addition, Schmidt is tasked with the expansion of Gateway’s mortgage call centers based in Dallas and Frisco, TX. He will report directly to Gateway’s CEO Stephen Curry.

“Jeff brings deep expertise in mortgage banking derived from his 35 years of experience in both mortgage and banking. His knowledge will help us build the robust mortgage operation we need to support our growth goals,” said Curry. “Jeff has had a long track record of success at Gateway, and his promotion was well-deserved. This is a critical role as we implement new mortgage banking technology, streamline our operations and improve our recapture.”

Schmidt’s career in financial services began as a bank teller.

Rising Family Income Helped Keep Mortgage Delinquency Rate Low in May

The U.S. mortgage delinquency rate in May continued to hover at the lowest level in more than 20 years.

Not one state posted an annual gain in its overall delinquency rate, serious delinquency rate, or foreclosure rate, according to CoreLogic’s monthly Loan Performance Insights Report .

Early-stage delinquencies – defined as 30 to 59 days past due – were at a rate of 1.7% in May, down from 1.8% in May 2018.

The share of mortgages 60 to 89 days past due was 0.6%, unchanged compared with May 2018.

The serious delinquency rate – defined as 90 days or more past due, including loans in foreclosure – was 1.3%, down from 1.8% a year earlier and flat compared with April.

That’s the lowest serious delinquency rate for any month (with the exception of April) since August 2005 when it was also 1.3%.

As of the end of May the foreclosure inventory rate was 0.4%, down 0.1 percentage points compared with May 2018. 

Can a family member leave another family member a house with a 1st mortgage still on it in their will?

my mom has a home that she is still paying her first mortgage on, she says that if she passes away she wants to leave me the house in her will so that I would keep it in the family. Would the bank allow that to happen?

The bank would need to be paid off in full before you get the house. You cannot take over another person's mortgage.

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