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What Are Your Chances of Getting a Mortgage If You're Pregnant?

Many young families want to own their own home. Having a baby in a rental property can be frustrating; you are often limited in how much you can decorate, and the sense of instability may increase your stresses.

Buying a home may seem like the right decision – but if you let your lender know you’re pregnant, that may cause complications with your application.

While it is illegal for your lender to ask if you’re pregnant , or deny your mortgage application because of pregnancy, they do have the right to look at your income, both current and expected. If you’re going to be on parental leave in the future, your lender may refuse to consider your current income, even if you have a firm return to work date.

Leave Can Affect Calculated Income

Many companies are required to give new parents a certain amount of parental leave after the birth of a baby. Some companies offer partial salary benefits during that time as disability pay. Others don’t offer any benefits, and new families survive on savings, or on a single person’s income.

Firm Capital American Realty Partners Corp. Provides Updates on Debt Reduction and Single Family Disposition ...

After a fully marketed sales process, the Company is pleased to announce that it has entered into a conditional contract with an unrelated third party to dispose of its entire portfolio of 120 single family homes located in Atlanta (the “ Atlanta Portfolio ”) that is encumbered by a $4 million first mortgage for an anticipated gross value of approximately $10.6 million, which represents a premium above the Company’s book value for the Atlanta Portfolio as at September 30, 2017 of approximately 38% or $0.48 per share. The anticipated proceeds of $6.6 million after repayment of the first mortgage will be used to further repay the Debentures. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including, but not limited to, financing conditions, and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2018.


Firm Capital American Realty Partners Corp. is a U.S. focused real estate investment entity that pursues real estate and debt investments through the following platforms:

Can a family member leave another family member a house with a 1st mortgage still on it in their will?

my mom has a home that she is still paying her first mortgage on, she says that if she passes away she wants to leave me the house in her will so that I would keep it in the family. Would the bank allow that to happen?

The bank would need to be paid off in full before you get the house. You cannot take over another person's mortgage.