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Home Wrecker: Abusive Mortgage Servicers Transforms Neighborhoods into Rental Markets

But the bleeding has not stopped, due in part to companies like Bayview Loan, which effectively transfer wealth from low- and middle-income Americans to the international investment class, aided by the federal government. The biggest culprits are the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Treasury Department, agencies charged with protecting communities and promoting growth.

But first, the court cases.

From among the 1,317 cases, I found 102 that reached the judgment phase, meaning that the courts took the facts as settled. A pattern emerged. In hundreds of pages of these documents, homeowners across the country reported the same experience. Bayview, they say, overwhelms, confuses, and intimidates homeowners into foreclosure, tacking on every last charge they can.

Take the case of the Jacobsons.

In December 2008, according to the findings in a state supreme court decision , Robin and Kathleen Jacobson of Elbow Creek, Montana, missed “at least one” mortgage payment on their home in the southern part of the state. Robin built houses, and had taken a hit in the 2008 crisis. Their bank, CitiMortgage, contracted Bayview to take over collection, and within three weeks, Bayview delivered a letter threatening a suit for the whole mortgage if all past due amounts were not paid by a certain date. The letter, however, provided no date. Nonetheless, the Jacobsons paid. Bayview refused the payment.

Franklin County deed transfers: Feb. 11-17, 2018

Lincoln Way East -- $310,000.00: John A. Snyder, Jr. Irrevocable Income Only Real Estate Trust and John A. Snyder, III and Bonnie J. Knode, Trustees to ESHS Storage Barns LLC.

Lot PN 28, Killarney Drive -- $380,000.00: Elizabeth B. Reisenweber to John and Victoria K. Billerbeck.

Hamilton Township

Lot 2, Guitner Road -- $139,500.00: Rebecca L. and Derek J. White to David L. Cooper.

Sollenberger Road -- $0.00: Betty A. Hornbaker Estate and Sheriff of Franklin County to Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.

Lot 9G, Cranberry Drive -- $237,000.00: Harold E. and Gertrude D. Gerwig to Tammy A. Fritchey.

Lot 12, Leafmore Road -- $37,900.00: James J. and Renea H. Govekar to Andrew G. and Adria L. Long.

Mercersburg Borough

Linden Avenue -- $155,000.00: Prof 2013 S3 Legal Title Trust II and US Bank NA to Design Method Group LLC.

East Seminary Street -- $130,000.00: Barry W., Sally H., and Sally A. Haver to 23 East Seminary Street LLC.

Considering the hordes of Christmas shoppers, is it fair to say that SOME people have never had it so good?

I decided to visit 3 shopping centres over the weekend - Westfield, Brent Cross and Blue Water, all in London.

Oddly enough, I answered another question in pretty much a similar way to how you put your questions, and I was tarred and feathered for "not knowing what it is like for real people out there" (am I a figment of someone's imagination?