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After June's 2-year hike in VA mortgage fees, Congress is ready to do it again

Most Americans would agree Congress seems to be gridlocked. But, there’s at least one exception to the impasse: Hiking fees for mortgages backed by the Veterans Administration .

Two months ago, Congress approved a two-year hike in funding fees for VA mortgages to pay for the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act , passing on the some of the costs for caring for ill Vietnam vets to military families buying homes with VA mortgages. President Donald Trump signed the bill into law on June 25.

Under the Blue Water bill, which takes effect on Jan. 1, the first-use fee for a VA mortgage rises to 2.3% from 2.15%, while the subsequent-use fee increases to 3.6% from 3.3%.

Now, another bill  is pending that would extend the two-year life of the hikes by six years. It has already passed the U.S. House of Representatives and now is pending in the Senate . The new legislation provides grants to adapt homes for disabled veterans and includes educational benefits for military spouses and children.

Exeter Chamber of welcomes new board members

EXETER The Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed four new board members at its Annual Meeting and Business After Hours on Tuesday, Aug. 20 at the Exeter Inn hosted by Re/Max on the Move in Exeter and Blue Water Mortgage.

Joining the board are Melissa Koren Wilson, Devin Oot, and Robert Ficara. David Ryan, Ed.D. has joined the board as an honorary member.

Melissa Koren Wilson is the owner of Melissa Koren Photography and Youre a Big Deal Branding. Devin Oot is the Development and Marketing Manager at HAVEN NH. Robert Ficara is the owner of Exeter Bowling Lanes and Shooters Pub. David Ryan, Ed.D. is the Superintendent of Schools, SAU #16.

Elected to serve another three year term were: Rachael Ela (chair), Cambridge Trust Company; Lisa Keslar, Keslar Insurance; and George Soderberg, Haycreek Hotels. The complete board also includes: Patrick Garrity (vice cChair), Phillips Exeter Academy; Tim Noonis (treasurer), Unitil; Peggy Small Porter (secretary), Richie McFarland Childrens Center; David Adams, Granite State Growler Tours; David Fittro, Exeter Health Resources; Elliot Evans, Edward Jones; Karyn Krause Cumberland, sklayers; Keith Lemerise, TASTE Magazine, Linda Horne, Mary Kay Cosmetics; Pearla Phillips, Fit Body Transformations; and Russell Prescott, RE Prescott Co. Honorary members include: Russell Dean, Town of Exeter; Aimee Giagandet, Newmarket Parks & Recreation; and Seth Hickey, Stratham Parks & Recreation.

Considering the hordes of Christmas shoppers, is it fair to say that SOME people have never had it so good?

I decided to visit 3 shopping centres over the weekend - Westfield, Brent Cross and Blue Water, all in London.

Oddly enough, I answered another question in pretty much a similar way to how you put your questions, and I was tarred and feathered for "not knowing what it is like for real people out there" (am I a figment of someone's imagination?

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