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Mortgage Scam Alert for Canada and the USA Part 1 of 2

Mortgage Scam Alert for Canada and the USA. Call me if you have had or are about to have any dealing with these people.

How the 2008 financial crisis gave us Trump — and the prospect of a repeat meltdown

The events of 2008 spawned a vast amount of news coverage, as well as enough quickly written books to constitute a small library. Ten years on, you can replace at least some of that library with “Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World” by Adam Tooze. Think of this as the second draft of history.

Tooze, a professor at Columbia University, is an authority on the economy of Nazi Germany; his most prominent work on that topic, “Wages of Destruction,” is a modern classic. He is also the author of “The Deluge,” a well-crafted book about an earlier episode of worldwide economic disorder — the aftermath of World War I — and other careful analysis of the period from 1918 through 1945.

“Crashed” is an impressive narrative history, weaving together events from around the world with a light touch and a great deal of helpful explanation. Sometimes it feels like Tooze has read every official working paper, memoir and substantive news article on macroeconomics and finance over the past decade. Even for readers who have attempted to follow the twists and turns of events, Tooze adds significant value.

Machine learning takes on commercial mortgage brokerage

“Anything that involves someone touching a piece of paper can be automated,” Dan Summers, a former mortgage broker and current owner of eVest Technology, said. “Every step of the real estate industry can be augmented or replaced by technology. You’re not gonna see real estate brokers in the next 10 years or so.”

The two recently launched platforms — Summers’ eVest and Remissary, which was created by Maverick Capital Partners’ Adi Chugh — approach the same goal in different ways. Remissary caters to banks and institutional lenders while eVest hopes to “democratize” commercial real estate by going straight to individual investors.

In both cases, technology is cutting out the need for brokers by offering more precision and transparency.

“It’s like,” Chugh said. “The lender says this is the kind of deal I want to be part of, the borrower says this is the kind of capital I’m looking for and the algorithm puts them together.”

landlord in foreclosure, missed 18 payments but wants me to move for missing a payment first time in 9 yrs!?

Why is it right for my landlord, who has not paid his mortgage for the last 18 months while failing to respond to all the notices that his lender and the courts have sent him since 2009, to harass me endlessly every time the rent is due?

You did not pay rent. For of course eviction is 100% fair. You can NOT expect him to support you, it does not matter one bit what his problems are, no issue of his allows you to live on his property for free.