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Mortgage Scam Alert for Canada and the USA Part 1 of 2

Mortgage Scam Alert for Canada and the USA. Call me if you have had or are about to have any dealing with these people.

TRANSACTIONS: Meridian finances $9.5M Brooklyn multifamily, GCP arranges $20M loan in East Village

Eastern Union Funding announced the following transactions:

A $24,320,000 first lien mortgage for the construction of a 210-unit multifamily on Challenger Blvd in Fort Myers, FL. This transaction was arranged by Abe Kolman and David Metzger . A $22,720,000 first lien mortgage for the acquisition of a 240-unit healthcare on Farrow Rd in Memphis, TN. This transaction was arranged by Nachum Soroka, Phil Krispin and Simcha Greenwald . A $17,500,000 first lien mortgage for the refinance of a mixed-use on W 75th St in New York, NY. This transaction was arranged by David Metzger and Moshe Feiner . A $15,500,000 first lien mortgage for the refinance of a 31-unit office building on Stagg St in Brooklyn, NY. This transaction was arranged by Meir Kessner and David Eisen .

How Co-op City's Affordable Housing in NYC Has Survived

As Linda Berk, president of Co-op City’s board of directors, said at the anniversary party, to enthusiastic applause: “We are a success story, not a failed experiment.”

Developed in the late 1960s by a coalition of labor unions, Co-op City was explicitly conceived as an antidote to the ills of city life, with bright, spacious apartments, oodles of open space, and, perhaps most remarkably, a racially integrated tenancy. It was the crowning achievement of the Mitchell-Lama program, a New York State affordable-housing initiative that financed more than 140,000 apartments in the city in the postwar decades.

Co-op City’s form of tenure was equally distinctive. As its name suggests, the project was organized as a limited-equity co-op: a form of resale-restricted homeownership long favored by the city’s labor unions. For a modest down payment and monthly maintenance charge, residents could become shareholders in the complex—on the condition that, when they moved out, they sold their unit back at the same price. For middle-income New Yorkers seeking an alternative to increasingly run-down and crime-ridden urban neighborhoods, the project proved a panacea.

landlord in foreclosure, missed 18 payments but wants me to move for missing a payment first time in 9 yrs!?

Why is it right for my landlord, who has not paid his mortgage for the last 18 months while failing to respond to all the notices that his lender and the courts have sent him since 2009, to harass me endlessly every time the rent is due?

You did not pay rent. For of course eviction is 100% fair. You can NOT expect him to support you, it does not matter one bit what his problems are, no issue of his allows you to live on his property for free.