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Mortgage Scam Alert for Canada and the USA Part 1 of 2

Mortgage Scam Alert for Canada and the USA. Call me if you have had or are about to have any dealing with these people.

Massachusetts Launches No-Money-Down Mortgage Program

With home prices still on the uptrend and mortgage rates rising since the start of 2018, the state of Massachusetts is trying to make it easier for potential homebuyers with a new program that requires no down payment for their mortgage.

In a press release , MassHousing announced that the program is aimed at lowering the barriers to homeownership. Under the program, qualified first-time buyers will be able to finance up to 100% of the purchase price of their first home. MassHousing said it is now the only entity that is providing down payment assistance for low-, moderate- and middle-income homebuyers throughout the state.

"Record-low inventory levels, rising home prices, high rents, and student loan debt are all making it more difficult for the average Massachusetts household to afford to purchase a home," said MassHousing Executive Director Chrystal Kornegay in the press release. "MassHousing's new down payment assistance program will help ensure that homeownership remains accessible to working families, by allowing creditworthy homebuyers to buy their first home with little to no down payment requirement.

landlord in foreclosure, missed 18 payments but wants me to move for missing a payment first time in 9 yrs!?

Why is it right for my landlord, who has not paid his mortgage for the last 18 months while failing to respond to all the notices that his lender and the courts have sent him since 2009, to harass me endlessly every time the rent is due?

You did not pay rent. For of course eviction is 100% fair. You can NOT expect him to support you, it does not matter one bit what his problems are, no issue of his allows you to live on his property for free.